Winter Olympics {and a $1 yard sale find}

Last summer, I was pregnant with Bess. And I found a little bodysuit with a Russian nesting doll on it. I walked around with it for awhile, trying to decide if I should buy it. We didn’t need it. I didn’t have anything in mind for it. I put it down. As I was about to leave, I walked right back over, picked it up, gave the woman 4 quarters, and got into the van. I couldn’t explain why I wanted it so badly.

Fast forward 7 months, and Bess was about to watch her first hockey game of her first Winter Olympics. In Sochi. And as I looked in the drawer for something patriotic to wear, I found the Russian bodysuit at the bottom of the drawer. Perfect.


Adelaide was in the coordinating shirt {also a yard sale find}, and very excited to have her picture taken during the hockey game. She loves hockey. I raised her right.


And then Adelaide drooled all over herself in just two minutes without a bib. And Bess spit up all over her outfit. Such is life with these two precious girls. I love them to pieces.


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