Watch This {and skip all the others…}

Confession: I haven’t seen Disney’s Frozen. I know. I will probably lose my status as a mother to three kids under five years old. {The last movie I saw in a theater was 007. On Graham’s Babymoon. So, that was 5 years ago. No, wait. We saw Star Trek on Mother’s Day! Almost 5 years ago. We also saw Star Trek II at the Drive-In. We had the kids with us, asleep in our laps. I loved it. We also saw Iron Man 3. I didn’t love it.}

I am not anti-Frozen. I am sure it is superb! I love Pixar movies…even thought they make me bawl. I am looking forward to renting it through Redbox. Probably with a free code. I promise we aren’t cheapskates. We are just raising three little humans on one income. And one of them has a bagillion dollars a year in medical bills.

So, I am excited to see it very soon! I know the story inside and out. Graham went with my mother-in-law, so I read up on it before we gave her the go ahead. Graham told me it was about his soon-to-be Uncle Hans and a funny snowman. Apparently, he got a lot of out of his movie theater experience. It is atypical of Graham to leave out details…he is very much detail-oriented…to the point of being lovably obnoxious. I am not sure where he gets it. Some people would say his mom, but let’s just leave that one alone… So I am not sure why he didn’t tell me anything else. I guess Olaf stole the show.

All I have seen are Youtube videos of people singing the songs. Lots of videos. Today, I saw this over at ohAmanda‘s Facebook page. {She is the amazing creator of Truth in the Tinsel and A Sense of the Resurrection!} I loved it. Watch this one, even if you have already seen so many others.

I enjoyed it with some frozen vegan lemon pie. Yeah, I totally made some. And it is delicious. I will post the recipe this week.

Oh, and I saw this on the world wide introweb. Who’s in?


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