What Do You Do All Day? {a peek into our schedule}

“What do you do all day?”

Most every stay-at-home parent has been asked this question. Well, have I got an answer for you! This isn’t some philosophical post about the joys of motherhood and learning to redefine your role as a woman outside of the ‘work’ force. How every mom works unbelievably hard, even if she never leaves her pajama pants. Or even one of those posts where I add up all the stuff I do and the world says I should be making almost 5 times my husband’s salary. No, it is literally a post about my schedule and chores. Why? Because I want to get some input from other Mamas who have been in these trenches. I am the mom to three kids under five. I keep saying it in blog posts and Facebook statuses and to myself. It reminds me to show myself some major grace. Three under five. I also want to be accountable. I am so amazing at making lists and schedules and goals and all the things that I excelled at in my single days. I am not so good at the execution. So, I am throwing this out into the blogosphere. You are welcome.

As I already shared, we decided on some “sanity” chores. They are the ones we will do everyday. Unless my children wake up with ear infections, or I slept 1.5 hours the night before, or Dave has some magical extra day home from work. Like a snow day. Snow Days are exempt from schedules and chores. People must have done chores on a snow day long, long ago. And that is how unicorns died.

Here are our daily chores, broken up into AM and PM.

AM: Empty Hamper, Start Laundry or Diapers, Make Beds, Clean Toilet & Sink, Hang New Towels, and Clear Clutter from Living Room & Hall

PM: Sweep Kitchen & Entryway, Clean Highchair, Clear Kitchen Counters & Island, Finish Dishes, Put Away Laundry & Diapers, and Put Away All Toys

That’s our new chore routine. Plus, we add 3 weekly chores and 1 monthly chore to the morning and 3 weekly chores to the evening. {We can choose from these lists until they are all crossed off.}

Weekly Chores:

  • Dust Kitchen
  • Mop Kitchen
  • Clean Microwave
  • Wipe Down Appliances & Cabinets
  • Go Through Office Baskets
  • Dust Living Room
  • Clean Living Room Mirrors
  • Vacuum Living Room
  • Vacuum Couch
  • Mop Entryway
  • Dust Hall
  • Vacuum Hall
  • Scrub Bathtub
  • Dust Bathroom
  • Clean Bathroom Mirror
  • Sweep & Mop Bathroom
  • Empty Bathroom Trash
  • Straighten Our Drawers & Closet
  • Dust Our Room
  • Clean Our Mirror
  • Vacuum Our Room
  • Wash Our Bedding
  • Straighten Graham’s Drawers & Closet
  • Dust Graham’s Room
  • Clean Graham’s Mirror
  • Vacuum Graham’s Room
  • Wash Graham’s Bedding
  • Straighten the Girls’ Drawers
  • Dust the Girls’ Room
  • Clean the Girls’ Mirrors
  • Vacuum the Girls’ Room
  • Wash the Girls’ Bedding

Monthly Chores:

  • Clean Kitchen Window
  • Clean Out Fridge & Pantry
  • Clean Kitchen Baseboards & Ceiling
  • Sort & Purge Kitchen
  • Clean Living Room Baseboards & Ceiling
  • Sort & Purge Living Room
  • Swap Photos in Frames
  • Clean Hall Baseboards & Ceiling
  • Clean Air Filter
  • Run Bathroom Jets
  • Wash Shower Curtain
  • Clean Bathroom Baseboards & Ceiling
  • Sort & Purge Bathroom
  • Clean Our Baseboards & Ceiling
  • Sort & Purge Our Room
  • Clean Graham’s Baseboards & Ceiling
  • Sort & Purge Graham’s Room
  • Clean The Girls’ Baseboards & Ceiling
  • Sort & Purge The Girl’s Room

You are probably laughing right now. I wouldn’t blame you. But, I have also come up with a schedule to help me get this done. And as you already know, Dave is a chore machine. And Graham also does chores. I am not Cinderella over here…

Between 7a and Noon:

Get Ready {15 min}

Bible Study {30 min}

Top Three Tasks {60 min}

AM Chores {45 min}

Physical Therapy {30 min}

Between 1p and 11p

Exercise {45 min}

Speech Therapy {30 min}

Projects & Goals {45 min}

Reading & Writing {45 min}

PM Chores {45 min}

This schedule will give some structure to our day and gives us *plenty* of margin. Oh, how I love margin!

And I am still not sold on this whole ‘making the beds’ thing. Unless he’s doing it…


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