Five Minute Friday {joy}

Elizabeth Mae’s name was actually Flannery Mae for almost 3 weeks. Dave and I were secretly in love with it, until we started having doubts that Baby Girl was actually a Flannery. We are lovers of Flannery O’Connor. But we just felt in our hearts that our little girl would be named something else. As soon as we saw her, our choice for Elizabeth Mae was confirmed. Our little Bess was just perfect for her name.

We named Graham pretty early on and used his name all the time. His first name choice was Jude. But I tried it out a few times, and people thought I was saying Jew Ballew. Then we were hit with Graham. It was out of nowhere, and it made my stomach jump. It was just right. And his nickname was Gray.

Then, Adelaide was going to be Natalie. She was a December Baby and ‘nativity’ just made beautiful sense. But we weren’t 100% positive, so we decided to wait until we saw her. If she looked like my mom, she was going to be Adelaide Marie. Della, my mom’s name, is a nickname for Adelaide. One of Adelaide’s nicknames is Adele. Since our second child was taken from my womb looking like a replica of her Mema, we went with Adelaide. It is perfection. Noble and sweet. So fitting for our blessing.

We are done having children. We are done naming children. I still have a list of names I would use if we were unexpectedly blessed with another. I hear a baby name and think, “Oh, that’s on my list!” It’s silly, I know.

I also love my own name. I never wanted to change it. In kindergarten, we were asked to explain what we would name ourselves if we could have any other name. I wrote my own name and said I didn’t want it to be different. My teacher thought I didn’t understand the assignment. I couldn’t fathom a name change as a five-year-old. As an adult, I can see why people would want to go by something else. Not personally, but it was no longer a foreign concept.

But when I started naming my own children, I wondered if they would ever change their names. It was a fear. What if they hit their thirties and hate what I have been calling them? I am choosing for another human what other humans will call them. That’s a weighty responsibility. Will they ever adopt different nicknames? Or go by middle names?

It makes me chuckle to think about our girls changing their names, because their names just fit them so well. Of course, they could surprise us and become Hulgas. And we come full circle with a (Mary) Flannery O’Connor joke. Silly little Joy Hopewell. Keep an eye on that leg…


Time’s Up…

Five Minute Friday

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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday {joy}

  1. caseyprince says:

    What a fun post! Your children’s names are lovely. I have a May too, Madeline May named for her great grandmother Ada May who was born May 11. My Maddie May has hers misspelled Mae all the time! Thanks for writing and linking up at FMF.


  2. Marcy says:

    It is a joy to “learn” the names of our children! I love the names you have chosen. I too can not fathom changing the name my parents chose for me, and I feel especially blessed today since my middle name is Joy.


  3. Sue Stark says:

    Isn’t it interesting how we think about it for months and months, trying out their potential names with different middle names and of course with their last names, which is so important! My last name was Hettinger when I had my boys, and we looked through books of baby names for ideas, but in the end, they were named after people we knew and loved, except for Scott! A favorite TV show of ours was “I Spy” and Bill Cosby was a new actor and starred in that series. He was so hilarious and fun to watch and his name was Scotty. My middle name is Kay, therefore Scotty Rae would be the boy name. Remember, back then we had no way of finding out if it was a boy or girl unless we did the Chinese ring trick or something like that. Being a Missouri girl, I didn’t buy into it! Had he been a girl, Christine was my choice, after my grandmother. Jason seemed like a strong name, but his dad had an army friend he admired named Gregory. I didn’t like Gregory for a first name, so we compromised and named him Gregory Jason, but call him by his middle name! Our daughter would have been name Jessica Mae (after her daddy Jess and my grandma Lela Mae). We moved to Texas when I was expecting Joe and they had a thing called Ultra Sound and wanted to have a look! We were so skeptical of this, worried it would harm the baby and all the typical concerns you would have if you had not ever heard of this contraption! They told me Joe was a girl and like I said, I am a Missouri girl and I asked the technician to “show me” where that little green alien looking creature looked like a girl! We had already picked Joseph (after his great-great grandfather) and Keith (after my husband’s beloved uncle that had passed away unexpectedly), and a girl would have been Jessica Mae once again. Obviously, Joe was a Joseph and we knew he would be our last! Names are so important and like you said, they carry them forever! Like you, I love my name Susan after my momma and Kay after her best friend. And I love your baby names! They are all so fitting and perfect for you little people! And I love you Lyndse and love reading what you write!!


  4. Angela says:

    I love the names you chose. Picking names for kids is a huge responsibility. My mommy in law always said kids live up to the meaning of their names one way or another so pick wisely. It’s a lot of pressure. Your kiddos are cuties and they have great names.


  5. What I really appreciated about your post is that you recognized the weighty responsibility you and your husband had in choosing a name for another human being. I love the story about you as a 5 year old not wanting to change you name…that’s special. Your parents chose you name well.

    Blessings in Christ…Susan


  6. Heather says:

    Hi there! I’m Heather and I was hoping you would be able to answer a question about your blog! Please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)


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