Easter Photos {and the reality of being a good mom}

Just so you know, you won’t see an Easter photo of all three Ballew children decked out in adorable matching outfits. And I am okay with that.

I used to actually cry at night when I would realize that we had missed a holiday or milestone photograph. Somehow, in my sleep-deprived mind, I was failing if we didn’t have a way to show the world {and our future selves} that we celebrated together. That we were a happy, loving, growing family. We need proof for posterity’s sake. Right?

Well, I realized last year that I don’t. And God did something major in my heart. It won’t make sense to most people, but I am going to share it. I have realized on this blogging journey that the weirdest things about myself somehow relate to others. And if you don’t relate to it, then you just laugh at me and buy me a Sonic drink out of pity.

I have stressed about the strangest things as a mom. Like the time when I forgot Graham’s shoes for church and thought the nursery workers would think I was a bad mom. Or the time when I forgot a blanket for Adelaide’s newborn appointment and had to cover her with my coat. I thought the nurse would think I was a bad mom. Or the time when I almost dropped Bess out of a sling in the middle of Kohls and I thought all the customers would think I was a bad mom.

There is a theme. I used to to think that not getting photos of everything would make people think I was a bad mom. Or worse than worrying about what people thought, I actually thought I was a bad mom.

Good moms dress their kids in adorable matching outfits. And they get photos of them in the sunshine.

The truth is that good moms can do those things. And there is nothing wrong with it at all. Kudos to those moms. But what makes them good moms is not the photographic evidence. What makes them good moms is too long to even list in this post.

My reality?

I am a good mom who rarely manages to get photos of my trio. But I am willing to be equipped by God to care for these three children from Him. On 11 hours of sleep in almost 4 days, I fed Bess. I helped Dave dress our children in cute matching outfits we pieced together from their closet and some things we picked up from a local consignment event. I brushed my teeth and put on the Springiest thing I owned, which just happened to be a hand-me-down top from my sissy-in-law-to-be. I helped Dave pack up our kids (and diaper bags and two bags of food for our LifeGroup breakfast) into a van that I had remembered to fill with gas on Saturday. I put on mascara and lipgloss in the van. After a sweet time of fellowship with our church family, I spent most of my morning loving on littles and telling them about Jesus and changing 9 diapers in one hour. I spent the afternoon and evening enjoying our families. And I snapped a few photos.

I didn’t stress about posing the kids, which is almost impossible with Adelaide and Bess right now. I didn’t stress about how bad I looked after no sleep & no shower. I just enjoyed the day and celebrated that Jesus died and rose again for me. This tired mom, who He makes a good mom moment by moment. I rejoiced that my son could tell me his 4-year-old version of the real meaning of Resurrection Sunday. I watched Adelaide giggle when she ate her desserts. I soaked in the beauty of my 7-month-old Elizabeth in her dress (and those eyes!), knowing this is my last time experiencing a Baby’s First Easter.

It was one of the best holidays for me as a mom. I went to sleep last night as soon as Bess was out. I actually had dreams that I was getting photos of my kids. I guess my brain didn’t get the message from my heart that I was at total peace about it.

Here are the few photos I did manage to get yesterday at grandparents’ houses. Little snippets of my first holiday free of Mom Guilt. The only evidence I need for the day when my memory starts to fail me. Loving and enjoying these little people…even if they aren’t all photographed together.


If you related, great! There is hope for us. If you didn’t, Sonic Happy Hour is from 2-4 every day..

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7 thoughts on “Easter Photos {and the reality of being a good mom}

  1. Tricia McKay says:

    I’m thankful that Jesus died and rose again also. That is what Resurrection Sunday is all about. All the rest, the pictures, the food, the colored eggs, and the showing off for others, is just extra and therefore, in the whole scheme of life, unimportant. Bringing glory to God through our attitudes and actions, now THAT is important. God bless you and your family, Lyndse. May your life bring Him praise. I love you.


  2. Robert Carty says:

    This was beautifully said! Thank you for sharing your journey so candidly. I appreciate your honesty as so many parents try to hide the reality of raising children from those of us who don’t have any yet….which I feel is setting us up for failure, disappointment and worry! If you need anything at all let me know!


  3. Heather says:

    Lyndse, this was so good!


  4. […] have expectations for that day? Oh, it’s possible. I had to give up expectations for the perfect little family photo on that day. Because, somehow, we humans took the day about Jesus conquering death and made moms feel like they […]


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