I know that today will always be the anniversary of the tornado. A day when we remember loss and heartache, yet rejoice in the rebuild.


pre op 4

Three years ago, an amazing little girl was forming in my womb and we were supposed to be on 20th Street but we decided not to go.

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Two years ago, we knew nothing about that little girl’s disabilities and conditions and acronyms and limitations. But she had the sweetest little crossed eyes.pre glassespre op 3ad preop 1pre op 8

One year ago, our daughter was scheduled for double strabismus surgery. People said to me, “Oh no. She is having surgery on the tornado anniversary?” and “Wow. I wouldn’t want to do anything on the tornado anniversary.” But we were grateful to even get in, because we had originally been told July. And they moved us up.

glasses 3glasses 1glasses 2as preop 2

Her pediatric ophthalmologist called her eyes the worst he had ever seen. We signed papers acknowledging that the thousands of dollars we were paying gave us less than a 50% chance of vision in each eye. That her surgery could still reverse itself at anytime.


post op 1post op 2post op 3post op 4

And on this day last year, Adelaide went from being able to see almost nothing…a blurry 20% of the things around her…to being able to see a slightly blurry everything in just a few short weeks.

post op 7post op 5post op 8post op 9

Today, on the very 1st anniversary of her surgery, Adelaide can see. And even though tornado will always be in the back of my mind and at the forefront of the news and my newsfeed, this mommy always hears May 22nd and thinks miracle. Because my daughter was able to look up at me for the very first time and actually see me. And while I mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice, I am tipped to the joyful side today as I thank our Healer for guiding the surgeon’s hands that day exactly one year ago.



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2 thoughts on “Anniversaries

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  2. […] the crossed eyes and drool, they would say, “At least she has pretty hair!” Even now, after her eye surgery, people still say, “That’s a nice wheelchair! And her hair is so beautiful!” […]


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