Cribs {not the MTV kind…}

Our girls share a nursery. The master bedroom. Their cribs face one another. Opposite sides of the room. Opposite girls.


They have been waking one another up for about a week. Bess cries. Adelaide claps. Bess vocalizes. Adelaide whines. Someone is up every hour.

I am typing this while Bess basks in the glow of the screen. I just found her trying to escape her crib. Before dinner, I told Dave, “We need to lower Elizabeth’s crib mattress. I think she is going to get out.” Then we did five hundred other things, because we are parents, and forgot that one thing. And I heard her grunting at 2am and she was up on her knees and had her arms over the rail and was trying to stand up.

She saw me come through the doorway and started clapping. That is her newest trick. She claps now. Adelaide taught her. They are teaching each other so many things. Honestly, I would be ecstatic if Adelaide learned to stand and toppled out of her bed and onto her head. As long as no serious injuries occurred.

Graham escaped his crib at 14 months, from the lowest setting, and narrowly escaped stitches. That’s when we had to start sitting in front of his bed until he would fall asleep. Nightmare.

Realization: I will be up all night with Miss Bess, because I am not going to take the chance that she will take a header.

She almost stood a few days back with assistance from a wicker loveseat. But then her face and the wicker had words and things got ugly. The wicker won and Bess can’t really show her face in that part of the neighborhood right now.

If I could figure out how to lower the crib in the complete darkness without waking Adelaide, I would be Handy Manny at 3am.

Since that can’t be the case, I will just pull an all-nighter. “Can’t she just sleep with you?” you may be asking. Good question. Graham woke up at 2:15 and he and Dave are two snoring sleeptalkers in the pod that is my bed.

But at least they are asleep…



PS: Sister Shenanigans. This is what I found a few days back. A pair of sisters awoke from their naps and chatted until Mommy arrived.


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2 thoughts on “Cribs {not the MTV kind…}

  1. Heather says:

    So cute :)


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