And She Crawls! {a video to prove it…}

On Super Bowl Sunday, Adelaide got up on her hands and knees for the first time and did one movement of her right arm and left leg. Then one movement of her left arm and fell down. It was still the most exciting Super Bowl ever. And was really the only thing that saved the Super Bowl for us. Because we are Broncos fans. And we all know what happened. {They lost. In case you didn’t remember or don’t watch football or just watched commercials…}

Here she was right after her big moment. In her little pink Broncos cheer outfit. So adorable.


#UnitedInOrange #BroncosNation #DaveDoesNotReallyLikeFootballButWasAGoodSport

01662368_679231408787358_292725922_n 1797372_679231585454007_757559791_n bess and dave broncosbess my food

Bess didn’t deal well with the loss…


Anyway, that was the only time Adelaide did it. We thought she was going to be cruising by Valentine’s Day! But she went back to her normal mode of transportation. Army scooting while dragging her left leg. We would occasionally find her up trying, but she would only be able to move once and then she would fall. Or she would shift weight over and over again until she would fall down.

On July 10th, Adelaide’s physical therapist came out to tell me that Adelaide had crawled. Three full reciprocal movements. I was in a bit of shock. Plus, I hadn’t seen it. It wasn’t exactly real. But she was so tired from her achievement, that she went right down for a nap.

I think her face says it all. She looks pretty proud of herself.


Later that day, she crawled about 6 feet! I called Dave and I was crying. I was sobbing, really. Because we had waited 2 years. We went to the Jasper County Youth Fair to celebrate this HUGE milestone! Adelaide had so much fun seeing the animals and eating watermelon. And the weather was gorgeous!


Then, she stopped crawling again. For days. I was heartbroken. She didn’t even try.

Alas, a new week had her crawling 8 feet at a time! She gave me a look that said, “How could you doubt me? I was just taking a break!”

Last night was Dave’s first time seeing her crawl. And the look I got to see in his eyes matched exactly what was in my heart. It’s something I can’t even describe.

And today, I *finally* got a recording of it. Drum roll, please.

She still relies on army scooting with a sad left leg, but her crawling has gone from 1-2 times a day 12 days ago to almost 25% of her total locomotion. Eventually, we hope she will be crawling and leaving that scoot behind.

Even as exciting as crawling is right now, we have not taken walking out of the equation. But that is a different post altogether…

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2 thoughts on “And She Crawls! {a video to prove it…}

  1. Meta says:

    I cry. That is so beautiful. She is so precious. How radically amazing and awesome for you guys! Good job mama on all your efforts. My heart is filled with so much joy for you!!


  2. Aunt Stephie says:

    How beautiful! :`)


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