Special Needs Hack: The Pizza Cutter

We are so blessed that Adelaide can eat, even though it comes with lots of challenges. She will occasionally use a fork to spear something, but most of her eating is with her hands. And she can eat only bite-sized things. So, my food-cutting hacks are lifesavers.

I cut most of Adelaide’s food with one of three things: a steak knife {which drives Dave absolutely crazy…he claims steak knives are only for steak, but I cut everything with them}, an OXO cheese cutting knife I picked up on clearance for $1, and a pizza cutter.

Today, I asked Adelaide what she wanted for lunch. I assumed she would say ‘foooooooduh’ since it is her new word. Most days, she says ‘eat’ or just screams in my face.


Um, come again? I had no idea.

“Can you show me? Can you sign it?”

She signed cookie. Over and over again.

What is lunch, but tastes like a cookie? What sounds like ee-uh eh-ee?

Peanut Jelly.

She wanted a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.

“Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich?”



“What fruit would you like with your sandwich?”


Our Princess is eating like The King. Except her meal isn’t deep-fried…and I don’t think Gladys Presley ever cut up sandwiches and bananas with a pizza cutter.


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