“LOOK AT ME!” {gymnastics nightmare}

We were going to enroll Graham in an official gymnastics class. Then, I read all the rules and about had a panic attack. Special socks. Special shorts. Only one special make-up session a month. No noise from the special observation area. I quickly realized this was not going to work for our special family during this special season. Fortunately, there is a homeschool open gym every week. We can attend when it works for us, and stay home when it doesn’t.

After a few weeks of role-playing, we went. I was nervous, but believed Graham would do well.

He didn’t. At all. I will spare you all the gory details. We are going to return, but we may need to wear disguises.

And I need to speak some truth to myself on the way there. I spent almost an hour watching perfectly coiffed 3-year-old girls on balance beams. And they were doing cartwheels. While Adelaide grunted and crawled and counted. I know that comparison is a thief and a liar, but it is still difficult to watch your daughter lick her own reflection in a mirror while people give her weird looks.

I am looking forward to trying again. Because Graham did have a phenomenal time. Right before he was told to go put his shoes on, threw a tantrum, growled at an instructor, screamed all the way out to the car, and told me he hated me. I guess I did share all the gory details. Anyway, it can only get better from here. Right? Just lie and say ‘yes’…



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4 thoughts on ““LOOK AT ME!” {gymnastics nightmare}

  1. Jenny Madsen says:

    Lyndse, This was so well-wrote and your honesty is refreshing! No matter how “special” any of our kids are, you are spot-on that we all struggle with comparison… and that it is definitely a thief and a liar. I do have to admit that I (may have) laughed out loud a little at Graham’s gory details… and thanked the Lord that I am not the only one that deals with similar instances! Keep writing, friend!


  2. MamaM says:

    yes. and where would the fun in parenting be if it weren’t for gory details to live through and share, right? :) #yaygorydetails . :) chin up mama!


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