“Graham, it’s time for bed.”

“I will never go to bed. Never.”

“You are going to bed in 15 minutes, so it’s time for pajamas, teeth, a story, and prayer.”

“I will go to bed in never. Or, I will go to bed after we watch Da Lego Movie. Or, I will go to bed in ten minutes after fifteen minutes.”

“Pajamas and teeth now.”

{puts on pajamas and brushes teeth}

“I am sleeping in Mama’s bed.”

“You are sleeping in your own bed.”

“I am sleeping on da couch. Or, I will sleep on da floor. Or, I will sleep in mine Toy Story tent.”

“You are sleeping in your bed.”

{goes to his bed}

“I want five stories and a pencil and paper to make mine own story.”

“We are reading one story and then it’s time for prayers.”

{reads a story}

“I want Daddy to sleep in mine bed wif me.”

“You are sleeping in your bed all by yourself. You are a big boy.”

“I am never sleeping in mine bed all by mineself. I am not a big boy. I am a little boy who just looks big. And I don’t want to pway.”

“It’s time to pray.”


“Mama, I need a kiss on da cheek.”

“Mama, I need to give yous a kiss on yours cheek.”

“Mama, I will never go to sleep. Never.”

“You will be asleep before you know it. I love you.”


“Adelaide, it’s time for bed!”


Snuggles. Bottle. Nighttime diaper. Pajamas. Seizure meds. Teeth. Prayers. Giggles. Talking to her bunny. Snoring.


I am praying that Elizabeth learns from her roommate, instead of following in her big brother’s footsteps. But honestly, I will just be happy when she grows up to not be this person…

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