Compound Words {where she is painfully honest about a particular one}

I have written three blog posts about this topic. And have deleted all of them. They were all caustic and sad. So, I have decided that I am going to write the opposite of the first three, and maybe this can still be honest and have a trace of positivity in it. Or at least some pragmatism.

‘Wheel’ and ‘chair’ are two words that mean very little to me. One of them is where I will toss laundry for 8-11 days, until it is finally time to fold it. But when you combine them, you have a word that strikes a chord. I get a vomit taste in my mouth.

Adelaide is getting a wheelchair.

Here are some positive things about one of the hardest things I have ever said in my life.

  • She will be more comfortable. Her stroller isn’t supporting her very well anymore.
  • People will stop calling her a baby and will realize that she is a big girl. She will be three in December.
  • Adelaide will get to see things from a different point of view. Sitting up is much different from crawling or lying on the ground.
  • If she does start walking, the chair will give her much-needed breaks. She tires very easily.
  • She may learn how to move it herself. Independence!
  • A wheelchair will give her more access. The stroller doesn’t always fit, since it exceeds ADA measurements.

I keep reminding myself that equipment doesn’t define Adelaide. A chair is just a tool. It doesn’t mean that we have given up on walking. Standing. A Bethesda pool moment. It just means that we are being realistic.

Plus, maybe we can use some of these ideas…

doctor whopeincess carriagestar wars wheelchaircabbage patchcaptain america wheelchair

We don’t even celebrate Halloween, but I think we could just wear these to Target. Right?




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3 thoughts on “Compound Words {where she is painfully honest about a particular one}

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