Meet Morgan

Morgan joined our family September 29, 2012. Wanting pudding. I met Morgan when Graham brought that pudding into the living room.

“Mama, Morgan want pudding.”
“Please tell Morgan he is not supposed to open the refrigerator by himself.”
“Mama, Morgan no a boy.”
“Please tell her she is not supposed to open the refrigerator by herself.”
“Mama, Morgan no a girl. Morgan no a boy or a girl.”
“Graham, you are a boy. Mommy is a girl. Daddy is a boy. Addy is a girl. Is Morgan a boy or a girl?”
“Mama, I KNOW who a boy who a girl. Pudding no a boy or a girl. Morgan no a boy or a girl.”

In July of 2013, Graham taught Morgan all about fishing.

“Morgan, fishin’ is when yous get a pole and sit in a boat and wait all day and nuffin’ happens cuz fishin’ bo-wing and yous can’t catch no fish anytime.”

Graham had never been fishing, but I got the impression he had overheard Daddy’s opinion on the topic…

Later that month, Graham taught Morgan about the library.

library 2library 1clifford 1

“Morgan, I gets to buy fwee books ev’wy time I goes to the libwawy! Next time, I buys all da books and I will need new bookshelves! I love buying all da books!”

“Graham, I am so happy you love borrowing books from the library! On Wednesday, we will take back Clifford and bring different books home. Then, we can take those books back and bring different books home. That’s how the library works.”

{disappointed glare}

“Morgan, I no gets to keep da books.”

During our role play, I emphasized borrowing. And that the scanner was to keep track of which books were at which house. And that we were sharing with all the kids in Carthage.

But the librarian told Graham she was going to scan his book, just like they do at the STORE. And that must be where I lost him…


In August of 2014, Graham taught Morgan a new game.

“Morgan, Simon Says I’m gonna kawate chop you.”

We had been using Simon Says to practice listening skills. Apparently, Graham had other ideas.

Morgan is still with us.

“Morgan, be nice to Bess. Don’t make me kick her in hers face.”

Morgan is a special part of our family.

And a scapegoat.

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4 thoughts on “Meet Morgan

  1. MamaM says:

    This melts my heart and makes me laugh at the same time!!!! Oh bless him!!

    We seem to have a “Mr goji” in our family that somehow derived from Mr salt n pepper from blues clues……


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