Meet Dragon {aka Graham’s first imaginary friend…}

Dragon was Graham’s very first imaginary friend. He appeared on August 1, 2012. It was a bittersweet day for me. I actually cried in the pantry.  His first imaginary friend.


“Mama, me and mine dwagon want magic ceweal for bwea’fast.”
“Wow. I haven’t met your dragon. What is his name?”
“Mama, he no have a name. He is a DWAGON!”
“Ok. What does he look like? Tell me more about him.”
“Mama, he in da miw-er. I see mine dwagon in da miw-er. He weally want magic ceweal last night! Do you see mine dwagon in da miw-er? He look like Gwaham…a BIG Gwaham!”

Since we were reading a lot of C.S. Lewis at the time, I am pretty sure Dragon was inspired by Eustace.

Graham and Dragon spent most of August arguing. And Dragon seemed to dislike being corrected all the time by a two-almost-three-year-old.

They also spent a lot of time talking about Adelaide’s poop. This was when we started cloth diapering, so poop being flushed down the toilet was a huge deal to Dragon. He didn’t understand why Graham’s Mommy was washing diapers every night.

Once Morgan came along, we didn’t hear as much about Dragon. Except when he was scolded for saying I had a very big butt.

November 2nd, Graham and Dragon decided to make Adelaide a dragon. And then Graham tried to attack her with a Nerf sword…

Then, Dragon disappeared. With the exception of what I like to call the Imaginary Friend Council. But that’s a post for another day…

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One thought on “Meet Dragon {aka Graham’s first imaginary friend…}

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