The Imaginary Friend Council

Imaginary Friend Council. It’s what I call the collective body of Graham’s cohorts. They meet several times a week. Serious discussions, knock-knock jokes, discussions about the rules and dress code, and usually some heated debate about who is going to bring the snacks to bedtime.

Once, they had a Women 101 class…

“Mama is so pwetty. Mema is so beautiful. I love Mema and Gwandma Linda. Gwandma Twacy give me carrots and snacks. Addie eat fwom bweastses.” 10/24/12

Madison announced her gender and nickname at the IFC meeting…

“She want us call her Maddie now.” 11/2/12

They decided that Adelaide needed to be a brother instead. 1/26/13

Sometimes, they have phone conferences. Little Mama was a 3ft tall version of me who joined us one Christmas. She is still with us and has a doctorate in acquiescing…

“I said, ‘Little Mama, I need mine VeggieTales Piwate boat basket in top of closet. Mama said I wait until Addie get diaper changed, but you do it now? Please? You a GOOD Little Mama.’ and she done it!” 3/7/13

Little Daddy joined IFC a week later and continues to be awesome. He lets Graham use power tools, drive cars, shoot guns, use the oven, and drink coffee.

Little Graham petitioned to join the Council, but they feared he would usurp them all. He was very bossy, small enough to crawl into ‘bwains and contwol’ you. They eventually let him join, but he was a source of contention for months.

Graham shares his dreams with me and the Council. In November of 2013, Graham and I had the same dream. I wrote it all down. It involved a turtle escaping into a storm drain.

Graham has imaginary versions of many family members. Uncle Hans {as in snowman birthday cake Hans} was introduced to the Council at the end of January.

“I said, ‘HANS! When we are piwates, can I be da toughest one? We can eat all da chocolate, too!” and he did.”

At least they are pirates. Graham cried when he saw Frozen and was afraid and said that Aunt Stephenie could only marry ‘guys called Kwistoff”…

Several members of the Council are also famous animated characters. Mid-February, we made a whole chicken in the crockpot. Graham called an emergency meeting of the IFC.

“I not so sure I want to eat Chicken Baby Bwent for dinner. Cuz he’s only mean in da first movie and den he’s Flint’s best fwiend in da number 2 movie. But maybe he still gotta pay for being mean? But he’s so nice when he gets nice. It’s wong to kill our fwiends, wight?”

It was a major ethical dilemma, but it was determined {by majority rule} that the chicken would be eaten for dinner.

This past summer, I heard several meetings of the Council. It was a busy time for them. An exasperated Graham huffed around the house. 

“I’m just twying to get somefing done today. I am always a behind.”

And then I vowed to *never* say those words again.

There are also movie and show reviews on a weekly basis. August 7 brought:

“He’s got extend-o arms and extend-o legs and a weird hat and a dog and he says WOWZERS! It da scawiest show on tv!”

Inspector Gadget. Apparently, Graham was not a fan.

September 10, 2014. Michael da Bird joined the Imaginary Friend Council.

“Sometimes I push da girls and get into twouble. Michael, you need to listen to yours parents or you can’t go to gymnastics. You should just dwive us to gymnastics, den we wouldn’t need to be good for our Moms. You do know how to dwive, wight? I hope I didn’t uh-vent a bird da can’t even dwive. I’m sorry. I made you sad.”

Later that day, Graham informed the IFC that Michael da Bird could not drive. There were tears shed. Then, they ate cupcake pancakes.

Factoid: Michael da Bird is the only member who has a real body. He is often built from K’Nex.

“If yous jump, I will catch you. If you poop, I will wipe yours butt. If you die, I will cwy and never forget yours name.”

“Mama, I witing a new song about Michael da Bird.”

September 18, 2014 goes down in history. I kept a straight face through the whole song. We sang it three times.


As the Council grows, I enjoy their meetings. Several times a week. Dragon, Morgan, Maddie, Little Mama, Little Daddy, Little Graham, various family members and characters from movies and shows, and Michael da Bird. {And don’t forget Baby Brovver. Who the Council petitions for on a daily basis.} I am enjoying every moment they are with us. Graham turned 5 this month. So, I know our days are limited. As I type this, the IFC met and determined that trains with faces are better than trains without faces.

I just love my creative little guy.

GrahamOctober 27, 2013: An oldie, but a goodie!



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4 thoughts on “The Imaginary Friend Council

  1. rachael says:

    We had regular Council meetings too. Bulldog was the first imaginary member. He was/is a bulldog. He was terribly disobedient…colored all over Ethan, played with all the toys, and didn’t pick them up, kept him awake during nap time. Do you know how hard it is to punish an imaginary friend?
    Bulldog lived in the carriage house, with his mother.
    We were visited by Alice and Holly for a night. It’s too bad they didn’t stick around. They sounded really nice. Alice was Holly’s mother.
    Then we were graced by Jake and Pete. Jake is blue. Pete is just Pete. They were a better influence on Ethan, while Bulldog continued to wreak havoc around the house.
    Jake and Pete thankfully found a good Bulldog, but bad Bulldog sometimes came out of the carriage house to get good Bulldog in trouble.
    It’s too bad that we haven’t heard from the Bulldogs, Jake or Pete in a while…


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