Adelaide’s Very First Upsee Dance

Adelaide’s very first Upsee dance was on the last day of July. She tried to shuffle her feet. Personally, my favorite part is the hand-clapping and hand-flapping. Adelaide’s sweet little hands are one of my favorite things in the world. The other night, we were watching something together. We were just lying there in front of the tv, when she rolled over onto her side and started touching my face. She stroked my cheek. “Mama Mama Mama. Hi.” Then, she rolled onto her back and went back to watching her show. Her little hands.

Anyway, here is the video. We are so blessed to have our Upsee.

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One thought on “Adelaide’s Very First Upsee Dance

  1. […] no longer needs her Upsee. Scratch that. Adelaide could still benefit very much from her Upsee, but will no longer use it. […]


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