We Aren’t Very Good With Names {so we need IMDB…}

Dave: I watched Red Dawn. The new one. It was pretty good. Worth watching.

Lyndse: Who was in it?

Dave: Chris Hemsworth.

Lyndse: {pausing to register}

Dave: Thor.

Lyndse: Ooooo!

Dave: And it has Josh Hutcherson.

Lyndse: Nice!

Dave: Charlie Sheen’s character is kid I don’t know, but he did a good job.

Lyndse: IMDB says it’s Josh Peck.

Dave: I don’t know who that is.

Lyndse: He’s from Drake and Josh. Pretty good actor. Funny kid.

Dave: He was good, but he wasn’t funny at all. Very serious role. I didn’t like the girl they chose.

Lyndse: Hmmm. I recognize her. I don’t like her either. It says Smallville.

Dave: She’s not Lois Lane, is she?

Lyndse: No. She was also in GI Joe. The one I didn’t see.

Dave: Don’t remember her.

Lyndse: They are making a THIRD GI Joe? She is going to be in it, too. I haven’t even seen the second one.

Dave: Anyway, the guy who plays the pilot, he is the guy who I thought should be Batman instead of Ben Affleck.

Lyndse: Which one?

Dave: He looks like Javier Bardim. Kinda rough and would be a great late-40s Batman.

Lyndse: Jeffrey Dean Morgan? From PS I Love You.

Dave: He was in that? Oh yeah, he was the Irish guy. Wouldn’t he be great?

Lyndse: Yes, they should have picked him instead of Affleck. He would have been a great Batman. It says he became famous for being on Grey’s Anatomy. He was a heart patient.

Dave: Really?

Lyndse: Yes, I guess he was a pretty big deal. I remember he was rivaling McSteamy and McDreamy in popularity among some girls I knew.

Dave: McDreamy and McSteamy aren’t the same guy? They are totally the same guy with just two different nicknames.

Lyndse: No, I am pretty sure they are different guys.

Dave: No, I am pretty sure they are the same guy. One of them is a racecar driver.

Lyndse: What? No.

Dave: Yes, one of them drives racecars. The one with the dark hair. Thick hair.

Lyndse: The one from the Irish wedding movie? He is not a racecar driver.

Dave: I am being serious. Patrick Something. He drives racecars. Not in NASCAR, but he drives them.

Lyndse: Oh, like a hobby! I thought you meant on Sundays.

Dave: Well, it sounded like it was more than a hobby. More like a Steve McQueen deal.

Lyndse: Really?

Dave: Love you. I won’t be long.

Lyndse: Love you, too. Be careful out there.



My husband and I can’t even have a conversation about movies without the help of IMDB. Yes, I do see the irony in that, since my husband makes digital shorts and aspires to make feature-length films. He was walking out the door to go finish up some filming, so we never resolved the Grey’s Anatomy thing. Neither of us have seen it, but I am still pretty sure that McSteamy and McDreamy are two different guys. Am I right on this? It doesn’t really matter. But, I don’t want him to be embarrassed if he is ever working with Patrick Something in the future.


And, yes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan would have been a much better choice for Batman…

jeffrey_dean_morgan_headshotphoto credit

A much better choice.

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