Cloth Diaper Queries

I am often asked about how much money we spend cloth diapering. I guessed about $500 in 2 years. I did all the math on that one and was pleasantly surprised. I added up diapers, wipes, wet bags, liners, ointment, wipes solution, additional accessories, detergent, water, and power. I even included the gas I spent buying those things that weren’t shipped. The net amount was less than $400 over the course of more than 2 years. It ended up being $15 a month, although each month varies on what we spend. Some months, we spend next to nothing. Other months, we are replacing diapers that have worn out, stocking up on laundry detergent, or just picking up something cute that one of the girls could use. And 13 of those months we were cloth diapering two children. You couldn’t steal disposables for those prices. Think about it: gas to drive to places where no one knows you, snacks {you can’t drive around scoping out places without food}, and a bandit mask. I am almost 90% positive that cloth diapering is less expensive than that.

The second question I get is how much time I spend on cloth diapering in a week. No idea. I guessed 40 minutes and Dave’s eyes said it all. “You are low on that guess.” “Well, how much do you think?” “I don’t know, but it’s more than that.” My second guess was 90 minutes. Based on what? No idea. I kept a minute tab last week {rounding up} and came up with 78 minutes. That included the time I spent from the moment I picked up the diaper pail until the last diaper was in the drawer or diaper bag. Not bad.






Speaking of diapers, we packed up our remaining newborn and small stash {we had sold and donated so many} for a Maybe Baby. Or a Benjamin Button scenario…





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3 thoughts on “Cloth Diaper Queries

  1. Micah Bergen says:

    Cloth diapers for the win! I am actually doing a load of diapers right now. We don’t even have a dryer (in Cambodia, outside is your dryer). I have a system for hanging and putting them away. The time spent on it is so worth the money saved on We also have “bum guns” (basically a kitchen sink sprayer but hanging on the wall) next to our toilets, and they make it sooooo easy to clean the poopy ones.


  2. […] needs cloth diapers. We have been so blessed in this department. She has all she needs and then some! And cloth fairies […]


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