Grahamism: Flobbits and Peter Jackson

“Mama, you knows how VeggieTales made Lord of da Beans wif flobbits? Dis guy sawed da VeggieTales movie and made his own movie and changed flobbits to hobbits! I can’t believe hims stoled flobbits and made lots of movies about hobbits!”

“Well, actually – ”

“Daddy gets weally, weally funny mad when hims sees Da Hobbit on tv. Dat guy stoled flobbits and it made Daddy mad. Hims a bad guy. Yous can’t steal ovver people’s fings all da time!”

Apparently, Peter Jackson’s rewriting adaptation of Tolkien’s The Hobbit was a plagiarism of VeggieTales’ Lord of the Beans. Who knew? Graham has one thing right: Step away from the megaphone, Peter Jackson.

peter jackson meme 5peter jackson meme 3peter jackson meme 2

And an actual ad I saw. {and then Peter Jackson chuckled and ate another large bowl of money…}

New plots, new characters & more action! #‎TheHobbit‬: The Desolation of Smaug ‪#‎ExtendedEdition‬

peter jackson meme

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