Adelaide Conquers Steps and Collects Shoebox Gifts

It’s National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child! We have been having fun at the Southwest Missouri Collection Center!


With three kids in tow, I have been packing shoebox gifts into cartons and getting those cartons ready to leave on Monday for the Processing Center in Denver.


You still have time to get your shoeboxes packed with goodies and head to your closest drop-off.

Collecting those Gospel Opportunities is already an exciting time, but Adelaide seems to save a milestone to make drop-off time even more memorable! Last year, she said ‘good’ for the first time. All three sounds.

This year, well, she really surprised us!


Adelaide decided to crawl up steps for the very first time!



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3 thoughts on “Adelaide Conquers Steps and Collects Shoebox Gifts

  1. Tricia McKay says:

    I cried. That is just wonderful. Good job, Adelaide.


  2. […] Adelaide enjoys grabbing anything in sight and seeing how many times she can eat something inedible. She packed her boxes, took a bottle, and went down for a nap. We know she enjoys packing the boxes, because she often laughs, claps her hands, and grabs our faces to make eye contact. […]


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