Grahamism: From Roald Dahl to Agatha Christie

“Mama, look at all dat chocolate! Dat’s too much sugar. It’s not healfy to eat so much chocolate.”


“I want to go to dat candy store. He just frows candy at you? Hows are dem paying for it? Why does Charlie need money? Dems just getting candy for FWEE!”


“Is dis a scawy movie? Da music is getting vewy scawy.”

“Dat boy is weally fat.”

“Dat girl is so mean and I don’t like her. I hope she gets hurt or somefing!”


“Mama, if Charlie don’t get da golden ticket I am never watching dis again.”

“WHAT? Charlie didn’t get a golden ticket? Dis is da worst movie ever. So hur-rible!”

“Wait, Mama, Charlie DID get da golden ticket! Dis is da best movie ever! So wonderful! And it’s not even scawy.”


“Dis movie is too scawy! Whys are dey in a TUNNEL? WHAT HAPPENED TO DAT CHICKEN?”


“Mama, turn it off! She’s a big bluebewwy now! I can’t watch no more. TURN IT OFF NOW!”


“Mama, pwease turn on Master of Disguise Backyardigans. I’ms gonna be Poirot on da Owient Expwess.”


Speaking of the tunnel…

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