A Tuesday Tradition

I am starting a new tradition at our little house in the city. On Tuesdays, all women (and children of either gender) are welcome to visit our house from 10am to 4pm. It will most likely be a mess. Laundry chair will be full. I will make zero excuses for my house…and I promise not to judge yours if you ask me over. I am not selling anything or making any food or gathering up supplies to make Pinterest crafts. I am just offering toys, movies, enough coloring books to stock an airport kiosk, music, coffee, baby dolls, a clean toilet, and tea. And Legos galore. And craft supplies are in the bottom of the pantry…if you want to make something, I am not going to stop you. If you are here for lunch, I can find some leftover soup in the freezer and heat it up. We will talk and laugh and the chaos of my children will be endearing. Just stop by and enjoy some face time. Because I need it. And I can guess that you do, too. But there is no pressure. There won’t be a sign-up or an invite or an email reminder. I will just have my door open. Figuratively. We don’t have a screen door. It would take Bess seconds to fall off our porch. I really don’t need weekly ER visits.

My Tuesday is now reserved for face-to-face encounters. If no one stops by to visit, I still have three of the cutest faces in Southwest Missouri right under my roof. Computer will be closed on Tuesday. My phone will be set to only receive calls from the people in my emergency contact list. Blogs will wait. Facebook messages will be answered on Wednesday. Texts will go unread. Tuesday will be about flesh and blood and real hugs.

I don’t even have a name for this new Tuesday Tradition. I was going to call it something like ‘In the Flesh Tuesday’ but that seemed to insinuate that we would be only listening to Pink Floyd albums or watching zombie shows. The greek for ‘in the flesh’ is sarx. ‘Sarx Tuesday’ sounded even worse. Plus I thought people may misread it and think ‘Sax Tuesday’… but I played clarinet. Dave played bari sax, but he will be at work. I also thought about alliteration. Nothing came to mind. I even visited a site about positive words that start with t. The best they had to offer was Tenacity Tuesday. I don’t even know what that is supposed to mean.

Have a blessed Tuesday. Maybe we will see you next week for {Nothing Witty Comes To Mind} Tuesday. If you need directions, be sure to ask by Monday…because you won’t be able to reach me with technology and my telepathy is rusty.

And I promise to find a safer place for your purse…



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