Double Dare Laundry Challenge

I am behind on laundry. It’s not my fault. Graham has wet the bed 15 nights of the past 18. So, I start everyday with pee bedding. And pee pajamas. Then, I wash diapers.

Dirty laundry has been piling up downstairs and the little bit that gets clean after two loads containing more urine than a Charlie Sheen party piles up in Laundry Chair.

We had family visit from Indiana. Graham needed socks. They were all dirty or in the chair. Dave dug and dug until he was holding 4 little boy socks. And not one pair in the bunch.

“I think I am on Double Dare. I am digging through a giant ice cream sundae right now.”

They say laughter is the best medicine.  After getting fewer than two hours of sleep the night before, I needed a giggle. Dave can always make me laugh. One of my favorite things about him. I guess that makes me selfish? Maybe so, but it makes an amazing team when you can laugh at spending 12 minutes looking for a sock.

In the morning, I will fold all the laundry and Dave will do all the dishes. And I will wash some pee sheets. And he will make the kids breakfast. And we will look around our house and chuckle.

Because they also say that the days are long, but the years are short. When you are up to your armpits in laundry, you are often tempted to shove a sock in someone’s mouth for that aphorism…but you know in your Mommy heart that it’s true.


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2 thoughts on “Double Dare Laundry Challenge

  1. Julie says:

    Dave’s comment about the sundae – too funny! Gotta love 80’s references!


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