I Am Enough {even without daily photos of my child}

Adelaide’s graduating class will have parties full of memories and keepsakes. There will be copies of Dr. Seuss’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go! signed by all the teachers from preschool graduation to senior year. There will be 15 years of interviews with questions about future profession and favorite snack. There will be yearly photos with those interviews written on chalkboards. Some kids will have necklaces of all their baby teeth. Many kids will have monthly photos going all the way back to their womb days. A few will have stop-motion videos of daily photographs showing a transformation over 18 years. Some will have quilts made from all the clothes they wore on the first, last, and 100th days of school. Most will have a dozen sets of hand/footprints. Half will be in homemade salt dough ornaments. The other half will be turned into animals or flowers or Thanksgiving turkeys. And there will be fingerprint crafts. Too many to count. There will be photobooks chronicling every milestone, inchstone, trip, and crazy hair day during every Red Ribbon Week. Baby books and shadowboxes of newborn hospital clothes will be on display.

Do you know what will be at Adelaide’s graduation party? A cake. I haven’t written in her baby book. Her hospital hat is in a box. I started taking weekly and monthly pictures of her, but missed more than I remembered. Not even sure how we would do those birthday interviews.

I am no worse than the mom who manages to pull all those things off in the next 1.5 decades. I used to think I was a crappy mom who was failing my kids. I actually thought, “Will Adelaide be the only one at her graduation who doesn’t have a record of all the things she thought she would be when she grew up?” Then, I laughed at myself.

I am no *better* than those moms, either. If they excel at being that organized and creative,  then I applaud them. They are awesome moms who put in a lot of hard work.

I am just not them.

And that is okay. I am mom enough. Even without daily photos of Adelaide set to a soundtrack of songs released the year she was born.

Just for fun, here is an interview of my three-year-old.

Adelaide, what do you want to be when you grow up? ONE!

Adelaide,  what is your favorite snack? FOUR!

Adelaide, what is your favorite color? TWO!

Adelaide, what is your favorite snack? ONE!

Here’s to all the moms. The ones who can get it all done. And the ones who say, “I’m done!” before they even start. We are enough.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Miss Adelaide. I love you more than all the fingerprint crafts on Pinterest.


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