Prayers, please.

Today is Tuesday. Which means I am usually not online all day. It’s my face-to-face day. But I need some serious prayer for wisdom. Graham is sobbing and demanding that I tell him why he can no longer see a person who we have a restraining order against. I don’t know what to do. I explained that most of the time we can forgive people for mistakes and keep seeing them. But sometimes, people do things that are so bad we cannot see them anymore. Naturally, he wants to know what this person did. I can’t tell Graham. But I am also worried that his little guy brain is going to think that he could do something that would change my love for him. I am coveting your prayers right now. I am at a loss and honestly, I just want to crawl into bed and cry. But kids need a mom who keeps going when things are hard and I just need to keep being responsible until Dave gets home from work and I can go check the mail and take a breather…


One thought on “Prayers, please.

  1. […] it is the 1st anniversary of when I lost my own father. In a completely different way. Because he is no longer in my life. Three decades completely turned upside down learning he was a fraud. A criminal. No longer even […]


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