When You Want To ‘Shake It Off’ With Your Kids

I love Shake It Off…minus the couple of words that are not kid-friendly. And I saw the video last week and thought, “Holy Booty Shaking, Batman!” Not for Graham’s eyes at all.

Thanks, REFIT Revolution, for this family-friendly version. Because sometimes I just want to dance around our kitchen while I am chopping up veggies for the freezer, making up crockpot meals, and prepping for our afternoon Truth In The Tinsel craft session.

And I almost tripped over a ball, Dusty Crophopper, a 46 qt container of K’Nex, several creations, a Viking ship, and the pile of pee sheets I forgot to put in the washing machine… #KeepinItReal



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2 thoughts on “When You Want To ‘Shake It Off’ With Your Kids

  1. THANK YOU! We love thinking about your kiddos shaking it off in your kitchen!!!


  2. […] turned on some music and danced around my kitchen as I put two chickens into the […]


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