Grahamism: Itty Bitty Cheese

All three kids have colds. Not a huge deal, but Adelaide doesn’t handle sickness in the same way. The drainage makes her choke. She aspirates and is at risk for pneumonia and upper respiratory infections. She doesn’t understand how to blow her nose. She can’t take any symptom relievers, because they will interact with her seizure meds. We know, because we accidentally gave her one back in Spring 2014 and she had a reaction. We have been giving her albuterol treatments. The poor girl is exhausted.

This morning, Graham went into the kitchen and used a butter knife to cut off a chunk of cheese for Adelaide. Then, he cut it into tiny pieces as he talked in a baby voice to the cheese. “You are itty bitty cheese for mine Adelaide. She will fink you are yummy.”

The sweetest. I was holding back tears.

And do we think about how he was slicing cheese while holding a wad of snotty toilet paper in one hand? No. No, we do not.


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