Adelaide Gets VeggieTales for Christmas

Our little girl, who normally sleeps until 8, was up at 5 am. “I AWAY! I AWAY!” Yes, you are awake. “T-E! T-E!” “You want to watch something? What should we watch? A VeggieTales?”

Oh my goodness. Mommy messed up.

The kids opened their gifts and stockings on Christmas Eve. Normally, we are ‘sleep in and open presents late on Christmas morning’ people. But this year, the plan was to get the kids up at 8, eat breakfast, and head over to my Mom’s house for Christmas morning with my side of the family. My brother and his family are here from Cambodia, so this is a really special instance where my mom can see all 9 of her grandkids together. Since we planned on going straight from my mom’s to my in-laws’, we had our little family Christmas on Christmas Eve. And I forgot to give Adelaide one of her presents. Oops.

Bonus gift! Right?

So, I present to you, Adelaide and The Penniless Princess…

adelaide veggie 2adelaide veggie 3adelaide veggie 4adelaide veggie 5adelaide veggie 6adelaide veggie 7adelaide veggie 8adelaide veggie 10

Oh, and a video. Just in case the photos didn’t use up all your allotted smiles for the day…

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One thought on “Adelaide Gets VeggieTales for Christmas

  1. […] productive, I spent most of the day on the couch comfort-nursing a sick 15-month-old and watching VeggieTales movies. I am still feeling exhausted, but so glad we are past this. Some years, we get the flu. Some […]


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