Prayer Request: Adelaide & Vomit

Adelaide had a wonderful bath and then watched an episode of Blue’s Room. Then, she went ‘stiff as a plank’ and began vomiting. She choked and then heaved four more times. I thought she was having a seizure. We gave her a second bath, changed her pajamas, started vomit laundry, and got out the shopvac and carpet cleaner. We put her to bed and I heard a little noise that sounded like she was awake. I ran to the room and she was thrashing her head from side to side. Then, she started vomiting and choking. Another bath. Stripped her bedding. Started to panic about two seizures within 30 minutes of one another. Then, she vomited again. And again. Dry heaving. Throwing up water. We are still waiting on a callback from the on-call pediatrician, but I am sure she has the flu. She did have two seizures in December and both included lots of vomit. But she seems like she has the flu right now. We just finished steroids two days ago for croup. She had side effects from the steroid. She was still coughing Friday and Saturday. And as I type this, Dave has held her over a plastic container twice more. Six times in three hours.

Please pray that she doesn’t end up with a respiratory infection. And please pray that the rest of us remain healthy. And that I can get the vomit out of everything…


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4 thoughts on “Prayer Request: Adelaide & Vomit

  1. Tricia McKay says:

    I’m praying for you all.


  2. […] Adelaide is feeling better. Thank you for praying. Her breathing sounded pretty good at 8:30, but I will be watching her very carefully. We aren’t out of the woods yet… […]


  3. […] course, I am sleep-deprived and on a protein low right now, so I am sure things will look better in a couple of days. But […]


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