“Mine head still weally hurts. And mine body and tummy weally hurts. And I feel hot and cold and hot. But I will not frow up! Dat’s why I gotted a FLU SHOT! Dr. Chilton said I wouldn’t gets sick! She lied!”

Poor Graham. He is old enough to understand the flu. But too young to understand that the flu shot is a gamble. We made it through the flu as a family of five. As I type this, we are on the tail end of it. I think. Graham and Bess never actually threw up, but ran fevers for two days. And behaved like strong-willed kids do when they don’t feel well. Adelaide vomited 13 times in exactly 6 hours. I kept track, because we always keep great records on her. Her neuro will want to know and he will ask, with his Indian accent, “When did she get this flu? How many times did she vomit with this flu? Was there seizure or seizure-like activity with this flu?” I have all the answers. I was out of commission for awhile. It was the worst I have felt since I went to ER last year. Dave gave me scalp massages while I tried to keep down a few sips of gingerale and a piece of gluten-free dairy-free toast. My only food for almost two days. I was nursing Bess and thinking, “My poor babies.” Because my first thought was thinking about how they felt bad and didn’t understand. As a grown-up, I know that it will eventually end. That I would make it to the end of 9 hours of vomiting and then start to feel better. But they don’t know that. And Graham even tried to will himself from vomiting. Which is actually working…but I don’t know for how long. Dave was up for a couple of days taking care of us, cleaning the carpet, and running to the store for supplies. Then it hit him. And Dave, who hates to vomit and almost refuses to even allow his body to do it, was weak as a baby. I have never seen him that sick. And just like that, we switched roles. I was feeling better, but still sick. And caring for three sick kids. And doing vomit laundry. And being told that I was da meanest mom for not taking away da sick. And when I should’ve been doing something productive, I spent most of the day on the couch comfort-nursing a sick 15-month-old and watching VeggieTales movies. I am still feeling exhausted, but so glad we are past this. Some years, we get the flu. Some years, we don’t. And I am just holding out hope that Graham doesn’t develop major trust issues and gets his flu shot again in October.

Adelaide is feeling better. Thank you for praying. Her breathing sounded pretty good at 8:30, but I will be watching her very carefully. We aren’t out of the woods yet…


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5 thoughts on “#BallewFlu2015

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  2. rainy says:

    Sounds like u had what we had…..which is most likely norovirus. Flu shot doesn’t cover it. It is just referred to as the stomach flu to mess with our heads. Poor graham


    • Lyndse says:

      Ugh. It has been so bad. We tried to explain to G that they make guesses about different types of flus for the shot. He said, “Guesses aren’t good enough!” Hahaha! Glad Remy is feeling better.


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  4. […] buy any, because we were in the throes of holiday craziness and I forgot. Then, we got the flu. Which lasted more than a week. Oh, and I am raising three kids and often just forget things. […]


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