The Ongoing Jeans Debacle

I am in a jeans debacle. Again. Do you remember when I discovered that I was an apple shape and swore off skinny jeans? And when I found the curvy bootcuts I loved, that are now way too big?

And then my friend convinced me to retry skinny jeans…and I fell in love with them. And I revamped my wardrobe and had only things that fit me perfectly, looked gorgeous, and were high quality. But now, I have lost 75 pounds {not complaining} and cannot find pants that look good on me. Again. My flat butt, triple csection belly, and skinny calves are looking so strange in jeans. I am happy that the byproduct of nursing a child with gluten/dairy/egg/cocoa intolerances was going from size 18 jeans to size 6, but I still don’t know what to wear.

My friend, Rachael, owns a mobile boutique in Colorado. Spirit Love. She is amazing. She has basically transformed my body image and wardrobe from 15 hours away. I did a wardrobe consultation with her. She showed me how to dress for my shape. Gave me the colors for my season. Went through all my clothing and accessories and told me what to keep/sell/donate/pitch. We even have a private Pinterest board. She has been helping me from 208 pounds to my current 133. Not an easy task. The clothes that get the most compliments? All hers. The ones I reach for first? Hers. And if I need help, she is always there. And she has been honest. She will tell me if something looks bad. She will tell me when I can do better. But she also tells me when I look fabulous. She also taught me how to correctly buy a bra. Such an amazing person. And one of my dearest friends.

Anyway, she has been trying to help me with jeans. But unless I send compromising photos of myself, it is difficult for her to recommend anything surefire. She sells magic jeans that look fabulous…but I am still losing about 1 pound every 2 weeks and wouldn’t be in them for all that long.

This denim dilemma is vexing me. I read stuff that says go smaller, go bigger, get flap pockets, stay away from pockets, wear only juniors, wear only misses, don’t buy cheap, buy cheap, wear mid-rise, wear high-rise. And there are always budget issues. About to just wear my jammie pants for.all.the.days.ever because I don’t even care anymore.

Of course, I am sleep-deprived and on a protein low right now, so I am sure things will look better in a couple of days. But here’s the deal: one part of my brain says, “They are just jeans. Who cares? Who even sees you?” and another part of my brain says, “You care. And you deserve to look nice and wear things that fit.” So it’s never just about jeans. There is always this little self-worth/stay-at-home mom issue in the back of my mind. Do I really need great jeans for church and therapy? I could argue both ways. But if I am going to wear jeans, I would like for them to not look like I am about to go shoplift 45 pairs of underwear and hide them in the sagged out cheeks. Flat-butted moms, you know exactly what I mean…

But at least my top half looked gorgeous for Adelaide’s birthday. The blouse was a surprise gift from a really awesome friend who may or may not own a mobile boutique in Colorado. ; )


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3 thoughts on “The Ongoing Jeans Debacle

  1. Tiffiny says:

    You look amazing!


  2. […] supposedly have a ‘booty shaper’ in them, but I notice no difference. In their defense, I haven’t given them much to work with. I need to get a picture of these beauties. They are currently buried somewhere in Laundry Chair. […]


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