When I Came Unglued In A Parking Lot

It is no secret that I am a Lysa TerKeurst fan. I probably retweet or share a facebook nugget at least once a day. I don’t have tv, but I watched her clip in the Today Show and literally cheered for her. She is my people. I feel like 90% of what she writes/says/thinks shoots straight to my heart. Anyway, I checked this little treasure out from our local library. It has been out a couple of years, but I am reading it for the first time.


I had to request it from another branch, because our library has 177 Max Lucado books and calls that the Faith Section. When my book arrived, I didn’t get to pick it up. Because my kids were sick and I was without a vehicle for that cold week. Then, the librarian {media specialist? library scientist? book expert?} returned it to its home the morning I finally went to pick it up. “Hi, I am here to pick up Lysa TerKeurst’s Unglued.” “I need your name, not the author’s, but we sent it back. We can request it again.”  She requested it again. And I was completely embarrassed. Because nothing screams, “I am a WINNER!” like not being able to check out something from the library on time. I left and said, to the air around me, “I can’t even pick up a stupid book on time! I am such an *awesome* mom! I hope I can homeschool better than this! Jeeeeeeez!”

It took several days to get back in, and a few more for me to get out of the house. Finally, after a month since my first time requesting it, I walked into that library, walked up to the desk, and said, “Book for Ballew! B-A-L-L-E-W.” And handed her my debit card. Yep. I had the wrong card. Seriously. As I was digging for my library card, she said, “I actually need the author’s name, not yours.” Are you kidding? A policy change in two weeks’ time? In a building where nothing freaking changes? There are two racks of VHS tapes upstairs! Which I appreciate, because we have a VHS player. But, still… I was about to let the PG expletives fly. Crap. Darn. Shoooooot. I wasn’t upset with her. I just looked like an idiot. I have a college degree. I have been using libraries since birth. I pulled a sock out of my coat pocket. A SOCK. Then, an Aldi receipt. Where the heckkkkk was my library card? And the irony that I was about to lose it while checking out a book about not becoming unglued was not lost on me. And then I remembered the parking lot tantrum earlier in the month when I came unglued and made exclamations toward clouds and minivans with more homeschooling stickers than a Tim Hawkins show.

But then I joked, “This is one of the few places that doesn’t take my debit card.” and thought, “At least I am checking out the right book. Because I obviously need it.” I also checked out a VHS tape.

I am just a few chapters in and loving it. Truly loving it. Lysa is good people. And I know she understands my struggle. And has probably also found a dirty sock in her coat pocket. And maybe more than once.

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