O Birthday Tree, O Birthday Tree

How lovely are your branches.

Each year, Adelaide gets a decorated Christmas Tree for her birthday. We have a little three foot tree from her Great Granny. Actually, our regular family tree is also three feet tall. And from Granny. Don’t despise small beginnings, folks. Having small Christmas trees on tables fits us in this season of life. And I secretly love that I do not spend an entire month keeping Adelaide and Bess from breaking and/or eating ornaments.

Speaking of ornaments, Adelaide gets a new one every year. And it matches her party theme! Such an eclectic, funky assortment of ornaments, which look perfect on our eclectic, funky miniature fake tree.

Adelaide’s trees are always decorated with deep clearance Christmas leftovers, supplies from around the house, and homemade ornaments. It’s a fun challenge to see what we can come up with to celebrate our little December Baby.

For her 4th birthday, which is fewer than 11 months away {hahaha!}, her tree will have gorgeous turquoise and black ornaments! Look what a friend dropped off on our doorstep today! So pretty! And that topper…I am in love! I found the little stars and icicles 75% off today. Adelaide’s tree is ready for 2015.


Now, we need a theme. Turquoise. Black. Ice. Sparkle. A cold heart that needs melting. Feeling trapped. Fear of oneself. Inability to love with abandon.

We are both thinking the same thing…






Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Oh, were you thinking Frozen?

Well, I have almost 11 months to work it all out…

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One thought on “O Birthday Tree, O Birthday Tree

  1. […] year, I almost cancelled her party. Like I always do. But I didn’t. And her Breakfast at Tiffany’s tree was beautiful. We had to move it to the kitchen island after Bess tried to hold it. […]


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