#BallewFlu2015 part two

I was way too quick to write a post about getting through our first flu as a family of five. We ended up all getting sick again. Like right after I published. It was miserable. We lived off of ginger ale and crackers and sleeping in until 11 am! Dave said it was the worst his stomach ever felt. I told him I felt worse than I did after Graham’s emergency c-section.

But, we did enjoy Dave working from home. Adelaide will be submitting her hours for compensation.



And I never mind comfort nursing this beauty.


Those curls. Be still my heart.


We are all better now, but still keeping a low profile for a few more days. This stuff is nasty and we are not wanting to share.

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One thought on “#BallewFlu2015 part two

  1. […] because we were in the throes of holiday craziness and I forgot. Then, we got the flu. Which lasted more than a week. Oh, and I am raising three kids and often just forget things. Momnesia. It’s […]


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