17 Again: The Sequel

I turned on some music and danced around my kitchen as I put two chickens into the roaster.

In the summer months, Dave and I tease that we are living on the set of 17 Again: The Sequel {Or 17 Again Again?}. Our neighbors have very well-behaved teenagers. There are just a myriad of them when the weather is nice. I will look out my kitchen window and see our neighborhood teens plus their friends plus their friends’ friends plus at least one random person who knows no one and is just there for the food. And most of the guys are shirtless and most of the girls are in short shorts. There is basketball and texting and music at perfectly acceptable outdoor levels. No making out or profanity. Very little drama.

Last year, I didn’t realize they were out there as I took out the trash bra-less and singing a Bubble Guppies song. At the top of my lungs. I turned and saw several sets of eyes. Confused. Then they all awkwardly looked around and resumed their dunking and abbreviations.

Today, they are all at school or work or wherever they are on winter days. But I still checked the window before I started dancing.

Because I am pretty sure I look like Amy Szalinski and the mop, but the dozen Russ Thompson Jrs across our street would only stop to watch if they were interested in seizing blackmail opportunities…



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2 thoughts on “17 Again: The Sequel

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