Grahamism: The Guessing Game

“I am a bird with two webbed feet, a beak, two wings, and I say QUACK! What am I?”

“A duck. Now it mine turn. So don’t inta-wupt me and wait til I’ms all done to answer. Ok? I am a fing wif one hundwed wings and 8 legs and a face. What am I?”

“Hmmmm…a spider from your imagination?”

“No, a fly dat got two extwa legs and a lot of extwa wings but a normal face. Yous not very good, but we can get pwactice to make you better. I gots 4 legs, fur like hair but diff-went, and I am silly.”

“A dog?”

“No. I weally suh-pwised you didn’t say cat. It was so easy dis time. I am a black fing dat goes in a wall and holds up a piece of wood and you won’t guess me.”

“A screw.”

“Scwews aren’t black. Dere was no answer. You weally need to not guess if da answer isn’t even weal. Scwews are like silver. I am a fing dat is silver and goes in a circle and builds fings together.”

“A screw!”

“You win! Here is a pwetend gumball. I made da last one easy cuz you was losing too much. When Bess gets big, I will teach her. She gonna be mine best fwiend.”

I believe it. She is sitting at the gate waiting for you to wake up and play.


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