So Many Colors {finding your season and a free ebook}

Right around Adelaide’s first birthday, I overhauled my closet. I was back down to my wedding weight, but I hated how I looked. Not my actual body, but how I looked in clothes. I had figured out my body shape and rid my wardrobe of anything that didn’t fit well…minus a very small box of stuff I was just pounds away from fitting into again. I donated and sold more than half of my closet. Low-rise jeans. Super flared trousers. Plunging necklines. My closet went from looking like an overcrowded clearance rack to looking like clothes that actually belonged to one person. It was amazing. But even the clothes that fit really well still sometimes looked horrible on me. I had followed all the body shape fits, but couldn’t figure out why I still looked like I was wearing borrowed clothes. And then my friend, Rachael, told me I was wearing the wrong colors.

When I was younger, I went to a color consultation with my mom. The woman draped fabric and scarves all over me and looked at charts. And she told a 13-year-old girl all the colors that would make her look fabulous. Unfortunately, she told me all the wrong colors. I have no idea where she was trained, but I didn’t know until 15+ years later that she was misinformed.

Dave took photos of me in natural light and we sent them to Rachael. Immediately, she told me the name of my correct season. Rachael sent me color charts and told me to try them out and get back to her. Dave and I went into my closet and realized all the clothes that still looked bad were not in my season! I donated and sold 75% of what I had left in my closet. And the remaining items were perfect. They were from my season and sister season. They looked gorgeous with my skin tone, hair color, and eyes. It all made sense. I now had a list of colors that actually looked great on me. She also gave me some tips about other colors…like black and white…and where to wear certain colors on my body.

Rachael had saved me before I went out and bought more stuff that fit, but wasn’t the right color. Because the last thing I needed was more stuff. I had worked so hard to clear things out.

I had a problem with buying things that were a good deal. If it didn’t fit right and was the wrong colors, I still bought it if the price was right. I had to retrain my brain that it’s not a good deal If I never wear it. I know this is a duh for everyone but me. I am almost embarrassed to admit that it took me to the very end of my twenties to actually own the right clothing. And to understand that a 90% off shirt that is too short for me and is the wrong green is actually a bad deal.

Even though I ended up pregnant with a surprise blessing just a few weeks after my closet redo, finding the right colors allowed me to go through my maternity clothes and only wear what made me feel beautiful. I ended up with just a few pieces and accessorized. It was freeing to open up my closet, grab anything, and look great.

I have never looked back at having a small wardrobe and only buying pieces that meet my new guidelines: looks great {fit and color}, meets a need {a piece I was lacking or replaces something}, and quality {determined by the amount of wear}. As I continue to shift weight around…I lost 75 pounds last year…and even change shape (I am somewhere between an apple and hourglass), my colors stay the same.

Recently, I went to a consignment clearance sale. There was a very large rack of size small shirts, but I quickly skipped over entire sections of colors I don’t wear and zeroed in on the exact colors that pop on me! I took six pieces to the fitting room and three didn’t fit the way they should for my shape. I ended up with three tops for $10, and all three filled a wardrobe hole. And I look fantastic in them. A few years back, I would have ended up just buying the tops that were the best buy. A hodgepodge of stuff that didn’t meet any needs.

You may be thinking, “Well, that’s great for you! I have no idea what colors I should be wearing!” Good news. Rachael wrote an e-book about finding the colors that work for you. She wants you to have it for free. Did you hear me? FREE!

Just click here and subscribe to her email list.

spirit love


Oh, and Rachael texted me one day and said she had an awesome blue {from my season} top that would look great on me. This top from Spirit Love is one of my faves! I wore it all summer, layered it with a cardigan in fall, and just now had to pack it away in my too-big-but-just-in-case-we-have-another-baby box.



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7 thoughts on “So Many Colors {finding your season and a free ebook}

  1. You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stunning! It’s been an absolute pleasure to help you!!!


  2. Pat says:

    Rachael is awesome! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love the top on you too!


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  5. […] joking aside, I love this top. All my favorite tops are from Spirit Love. The owner, who also happens to be one of my dearest friends, is transforming a vintage Airstream […]


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