Special Needs Hack: It’s A 10! {miracle leave-in conditioner}

Do you remember when Anne Hathaway showed up on the red carpet with her very short hair (courtesy of Les Mis) and her backup dress (courtesy of Amanda Seyfried copying the original dress)?


That’s what I thought I would need to do to Adelaide’s hair. It was to the point of taking 45+ minutes a day to untangle. That’s with a detangling cream! Forty-five grueling minutes, while a girl who hates to have her head touched (courtesy of EEGS) cried the most pathetic cries. And screamed. And sobbed.

The DIY Toddler Topsy Tail I made is great, but it can’t prevent all the tangles. Adelaide spends a lot of time thrashing and rolling her head back and forth on carpet (courtesy of polymicrogyria). Her hair makes me cringe and cry and need ridiculous amounts of Coke Zero.

We were having Christmas #4 with Dave’s stepsister and her family, and I forgot to bring Adelaide’s brush and detangler. While my mom-in-law tried to get the tangles out of Adelaide’s hair with a homemade concoction, my sis-in-law walked in right as I was lamenting about Adelaide’s hair. Adelaide could do consultant work teaching rats how to make nests. Kelsey said, “You need what we use!” She turned all QVC about the product they use for my niece. We looked it up at several stores and found the best price at Amazon.

When she described life before It’s A 10!, it was exactly what I was struggling with every single day. My niece was miserable from her fine hair tangling so badly. Fortunately, my niece understood that her hair needed to be detangled and didn’t act like the sky was falling every time a brush entered the room. I don’t know how much Adelaide understands, which is a different and heavier topic. But both girls have fine hair that needs serious love.

It’s not like we hadn’t tried other options, because we had. Believe me, we had tried every diy, budget, and not-so-budget option. And any option we hadn’t tried, my sis had! Some things wouldn’t work at all. Others worked, but left the girls’ hair greasy and looking like Kelsey and I do not know how to bathe our children properly. Dave and I decided that it was worth it to buy the expensive product to keep Adelaide’s hair long. But then I didn’t buy any, because we were in the throes of holiday craziness and I forgot. Then, we got the flu. Which lasted more than a week. Oh, and I am raising three kids and often just forget things. Momnesia. It’s real.

On Wednesday, we received a large bottle from Adelaide’s Aunt and Uncle. It was such a surprise! Bless them. *Their reward will be in Heaven.* Have I mentioned how blessed we are to have such amazing family? On both sides? Grateful.

adelaide hair h

I think that God orchestrated for me to run out of time detangling Adelaide’s hair for Christmas just so her Aunt would walk in and we would have our solution! And then to have that same Aunt send a care package, well, you end up with a mommy crying tears of joy and a 5-year-old boy utterly confused by it all.

Even though I think Adelaide could totally pull off the pixie, I am beyond ecstatic that we get to keep the long hair!

One day’s worth of tangles, which look like a week’s worth. I counted 6 nests.

adelaide hair g

After only 11 minutes and about 25 sprays…because I used it on dry hair…we were DONE!

adelaide hair e

Isn’t it pretty? A few tears, but nothing compared to what we normally see.

adelaide hair cadelaide hair d


And a few hours later, after rolling around all morning, it is still looking good. No grease or stickiness, either!

adelaide hair badelaide hair a

I guess this Special Needs Hack is really just an Anyone Who Has Daughters With Crazy Fine Tangled Hair Hack.





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4 thoughts on “Special Needs Hack: It’s A 10! {miracle leave-in conditioner}

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