Two Therapies At Once

Vestibular strength. Adelaide lacks it. Her physical therapist wants her to have it.

I started trolling the internet for an appropriate toy. Something both Adelaide and Bess could enjoy. Baby Sister is notorious for stealing sharing Adelaide’s therapy toys.

I found a few options to put on our hunt-for-a-good-bargain list. Everything was at least $80.

Then, on Christmas morning, Adelaide opened this present from Mema, Aunt Kita, and Uncle Josh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It was perfect! If I ever make a Special Needs Gift Guide, this is definitely going on it!


Adelaide’s face. Hilarious.

She plays on it most days and I can literally see her muscles working! Those vestibulars are getting their butts handed to them! {A physical therapy pun…because we are constantly working on glutes.}


Pair it with the trampoline they got her last year, and we could open our own physical therapy gym. Complete with Signing Time sessions. Speech therapy and physical therapy together. I am totally parenting like a boss today. Not all days go this well during our Mommy-led therapy time, so I am super pleased.

Speaking of speech therapy, Adelaide is now trying to sign and say several new words this week: sky, tree, flower, grass, moon, sun, bug, and day. She loves her very first Signing Time dvd! Our sign language basket is getting full. So happy I am on the mailing list to get first dibs on warehouse clearance deals.


Now, I just need to find some creative ways to store all our therapy goodies. Our little house is starting to look like a special needs convention and we are adding a wheelchair soon.

How do you organize all your gear and supplies? Please share your tips in the comments.

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One thought on “Two Therapies At Once

  1. […] needed a bouncy toy for vestibular strengthening. She got one just two weeks later. And my mom and sister-in-law paid 1/4 of what the special needs […]


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