Five Minute Friday | Send

It’s time again for five minutes of unedited writing. This one is hard to write. So many tears.


Timer is set.

We got a letter today. One of our four sponsored children was released from the program. We have been sending gifts, letters, photos, and unspoken prayers to a little boy sharing our son’s birthday. Two boys on opposite sides of the Earth. The letter from WorldVision explained that our 5-year-old Indian sweetheart is now financially stable. After 3 years under our sponsorship, his parents have managed to actually get out of poverty. Sobs. I couldn’t stop. I was rejoicing and grieving with the same tears. My stomach was heavy and full of butterflies. This little boy who stole our hearts one night on a computer screen is now healthy, stable, and succeeding. He learned to wash his hands, brush his teeth, play with others. Through the local team, we gave him books, clothes, food, animals, solar lanterns, blankets, medicine, a water pump, school supplies, and mosquito nets. We sent him countless toys and random sticker sheets from his Missouri counterpart. We sent birthday parties in five separate envelopes. He sent his handprint. Drawings. Scribbles. Thank yous. Thanked us for meat at dinner. But I am the one who is full of thanks. I am so thankful that God sent him into our lives. Our paths crossed in the middle of my night and his day. I saw him on a bright monitor and knew he was ours. But he never was ours forever and ever. Just for a season. We have prayed for him more than 3000 times and we will continue to pray for him until Jesus returns. And now I need to explain to my Graham that Dishan is happy and healthy and well, and we have a new little boy…just a toddler…who has been sent to us. We will send him gifts and letters and photos, but he will send me a constant reminder through his little handprints that God wants us to be His hands and feet in a world where $35 a month can change the entire course of a child’s life. A child who becomes a part of you.

Time’s up.

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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday | Send

  1. Marcy P. says:

    I love that!!!! What a letter!!! Thanks for sharing… I didn’t even know letter like that were ever written. Praise the Lord!


  2. Amber says:

    Amen! What a blessing. What a dream come true.


  3. ruidosomom says:

    Yes! I have been at this exact point. Ours was a beautiful, loving girl from Columbia. We loved her and prayed for her and watched her grow. It was heartbreaking – and wonderful! Thank you for sharing even in your pain. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you for teaching your children how praying for and helping others brings us joy. Thank you for writing so beautifully that others will be touched and perhaps help more of these precious children.


  4. […] Our newest sponsored child is in an Indian community just starting down the sponsorship path. Everything is brand new to him. […]


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