Grahamism: Death and Taxes

Graham is a fan of the library. He has his own system of choosing books. He randomly walks up to a shelf and grabs the first one he sees ‘dat looks cool and fun’ and then talks to the Children’s Director for a minimum of 5 minutes. He describes all his latest K’Nex creations in detail. She is always obliging.

A couple years back, we had some tough times at the library and I almost swore it off forever. I just about did the same thing with Jennifer Lopez after seeing Maid in Manhattan. So glad I gave both JLo and taking strong-willed children to the library second chances…because The Wedding Planner is one of my faves.

“Who pays for all dese books? Cuz somebody gots to pay for dem! Nuffing is fwee. And dere is lots and lots of lights and dose cost money, too. And dese people gotta get paid like mine Daddy gets paid fwom Leggett. Who pays for dis fwee libwawy?”

Even my five-year-old understands that things aren’t free. Someone is paying for all of it. I explained taxes and private donations and estate plans. Graham then asked where I would leave my money when I died. I chuckled, but my thoughts instantly went to Adelaide and who would care for her. It’s a topic I am not comfortable with and one that needs to be addressed. Instead, we grabbed a treat.

Handing life’s major questions one Sonic drink at a time.




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