Take A Drink And Pass It Around

Adelaide drank from a cup. Not a sippy cup. We are still working on that. Not a cup with a straw…that has been the bane of my existence. Just a good ole tumbler!

We had friends come to visit on Wednesday. It was glorious. I needed some visiting time. Graham needed some play time. And, apparently, Adelaide just needed Bonnie to accidentally leave a glass of ice water on the floor.

We left her for a bit to go look at something and returned to catch her drinking from a glass. She was sitting up next to Laundry Chair {which was empty…holla!} drinking water. No big deal. Not acting at all like we have been practicing for months. No, more than a year. We have been working our tail feathers off with mommy-led occupational therapy. *Just add it to my repertoire.* She then dumped the water all over the floor and clapped.

I don’t know if she understood the magnitude of what she did. I was all misty-eyed. Bonnie may have been to, but it may have also just been her contacts. Either way, we were the reason Adelaide dropped the glass to clap. We were obviously thrilled and reacting like those parents who see their kids win Olympic sports. Adelaide was caught up in the moment and ready to do a Subway commercial.

Talk about a fantastic day!


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