The Year Of Gear Is Upon Us

We are not buy-all-the-things people. Dave and I tend to be pretty minimalistic. We live in a small space and are fine with not owning fine china or enough kitchen gadgets to sink the Titanic. Pun intended. {Wait. I shouldn’t make light of the Titanic. Dave is sensitive about it. Not the movie, but the real thing. He has seen every documentary more than once.} Back from the rabbit trail…we try not to own too many things we don’t need.

The same rule goes for Adelaide. We usually purchase just the necessities. The Special Needs Community screams, “BUY ALL THE THINGS!” and “MAX OUT YOUR INSURANCE!” and “GET IT JUST IN CASE YOU EVER NEED IT!”

I had to leave a community after being criticized for not pursuing certain avenues for acquiring services and funds. Some of these special needs moms had no problem telling me I was a bad mom for not collecting disability on Adelaide. Or applying for every grant available. Money and sex are supposed to be the two most awkward things to talk about in our culture. I would’ve preferred these women give me sex advice over attacking our family’s decisions about medical care and how we pay for all of it. Not one single time did I ever try to give anyone advice on how to pay for this journey. We are all the leaders of our own families.

Adelaide has never gone without a necessity. We just try to do things in a slightly different way than the world dictates. We really do believe that it is honoring to God when we care for Adelaide in a budget-friendly way and use our resources wisely. This is our choice. We don’t push this on anyone else. We know that everyone has a unique set of circumstances.

Adelaide needed a bigger pair of shoes last year. I started scouring ebay and Amazon. It is not easy to find Velcro New Balance XW shoes in a 6.5…but that is what Adelaide needed. I was about to buy some brand new ones for $30, which is a great price for shoes that fit over her nested orthotics, but decided to wait until after a local consignment sale. I found the exact same shoe for $2.50.

Adelaide needs a gait trainer this year. She is finally ready to start rolling around. Some dear friends gifted us a walker, and we are going to buy a seat for it. Problem solved…as soon as I find the right seat.

She also needs a stander. We found a used one in amazing condition for far below what our co-pay would’ve been if the purchase had been approved. It’s big and takes up lots of space, but our physical therapist said it was time to get one. So we did. I love that it worked out so well. I am nervous and excited to get it fitted! Plus, the tray is nice and big for our mommy-led occupational therapy time.

Adelaide needed a bouncy toy for vestibular strengthening. She got one just two weeks later. And my mom and sister-in-law paid 1/4 of what the special needs site was asking.

We needed sign language resources and are able to build our library one piece at a time. We also purchased books about teaching speech therapy at home, which will help us practice all the new skills she learns during the speech therapy we finally got approved through insurance.

Adelaide requires special spoons, cups, and bottles. We buy them as we find great deals on them. It’s amazing what we have found for up to 90% off!

She will need new ankle orthotics, which we will get this Spring. I am thinking princess ones this year. Or maybe flowers. There are so many cute options.

She needs new glasses, which we will get as soon as we see our new pediatric ophthalmologist. But I am thinking purple. All the way. Adelaide looks adorable in purple.

Adelaide needed a bath seat. I found it 35% off at a close-out sale. Love it!

Adelaide needs cloth diapers. We have been so blessed in this department. She has all she needs and then some! And cloth fairies are often dropping goodies off on our porch. We are pretty spoiled.

She needs 4t onesies, which are like 4 leaf clovers. Hard to find.

She needs new socks for her orthotics, which we get on Amazon and love to the moon and back.

Adelaide needed a special highchair, which was sitting at a yard sale just waiting to be bought for a fraction of the retail price.

She needs new TheraTogs. We order those next week. Trying to keep scoliosis at bay.

The biggest need this year: a wheelchair. We have talked about this before. I am still struggling with it. It’s a big deal. We have a fitting soon. Then, I will see if I can find one used for less than what we would spend with a co-pay. If I can’t find one, we will go through our insurance and get it ordered.

All these needs are going to fill our house up fast. Due to space and budget, we are careful about our wants. Which makes us just like any other parents, really.

We wanted to transition her from bibs to bibdanas and drool scarves. We ended up with enough fabric to sink the Ti…um, it was a lot of fabric. So many beautiful prints! I need to learn to sew. Pray for patience.

The Upsee was a huge want. But our church family blessed us. I still cry every time we use it.

I wanted a physical therapy trampoline for home use, and Adelaide got that for Christmas two years ago.

I wanted a detangler that actually worked. Adelaide got that, too! Honestly, it is a necessity. We won’t ever go without it. Never never.

Adelaide could also use some specially designed chewable toys for meeting her constant desire/need to chew. We are researching them right now. So many options.

Adelaide gets what she needs and God has blessed us in the past 2+ years with deals, hand-me-downs, creative solutions, and gifts from special people who are cheering for Miss A. We are thankful beyond words. We know there are so many children who don’t have the opportunity to get the things Adelaide gets.

We know that God will answer our prayers for Adelaide’s needs to be met or give us the wisdom and discernment to find avenues if we can’t meet them in the ways that have been working so far. Our plan is to continue caring for a child with special needs on one income. I have been criticized for staying home, but we know that it is God’s plan for our family at this time. I am grateful that I get to be home. I realize not all mommies of kiddos with disabilities get to do what I do! I also understand that not every mom even desires to be home full-time. I am not here to say what each mom should be doing.

And I pray my heart is heard in all of this. We are very new to this journey and are just trying to navigate the waters. Thank you to everyone who prays for us. If you disagree with us, we respect that. The Year of Gear is upon us and I just wanted to address the issue as 99.9% of me is on board with our family plan, but there is always that 1/10 of a percent that wants to buy everything that could even help Adelaide one iota. It’s such a balancing act, this parenting business.

Anyway, doesn’t she look adorable in her new drool scarf? Such a cutie. Thank you, Miss Sue!


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