Grahamism: Technical Difficulties

“Mama, da internet won’t work for me to watch mine shows on Amazon! I’m so angwy. Why won’t da tv work? I hate it. Now I’m cwying!”

“Graham, it’s just tv. You need to calm down.”

“I will com down when you com down about da compooter never workin when you need it!”

Apparently I needed this reminder from The MOB Society…


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One thought on “Grahamism: Technical Difficulties

  1. suestark51 says:

    Practice what you preach…….do as I say, not as I do……actions speak louder than words!
    I wish my boys would have been able to look past some of my responses and actions and only learned from my words!! You are an amazing mother to a strong willed little boy and you are beyond blessed by it!


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