A Pin Win, Vintage Keys, and a Mommy Break

I went to my first Pinterest Craft Party this weekend. (Sans children. All three kids stayed home with Dave and I was out by myself for the entire afternoon. It was bliss.)


I was pretty nervous about going, because I am not good at finishing projects. I am great at pinning things. I am great at collecting materials to complete pins. But I am downright obnoxious about not finishing projects. I am not a perfectionist, but I do have such a problem comparing myself to people who are naturally artistic and crafty. As I drove to Jenny’s house, my mantra was “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!” {thank you, Nesting Place!} I was pretty confident by the time I arrived. I was ready to get my craft on. (Without a child up in a back carry. Have I mentioned that I went without my children? I didn’t wipe a nose or a butt for three hours. It was fantastic.)

Anyway, my friend is also my Mary & Martha consultant. She had Valentine’s Day snacks, pink drinks, and a table full of supplies. Seriously, this is only some of what we had available to us. (I drank Cherry 7Up and shared it with zero munchkins!)


I took $10 and everything was there for me. (I had to pop into Walmart to get my cash. Do you know how quickly you can get in and out of Walmart without your children? It took seconds. Nanoseconds, maybe. Shopping without your three children, it was all kinds of amazing.)

I made this gorgeous shadowbox with one of the vintage keys.


It says ‘goodness’ because it was my favorite key and I think it goes along well with a quote I am going to add to it after the holiday. Dave is designing a G.K. Chesterton quote for me. Don’t you love Orthodoxy? I am not finished with it, but I love Chesterton to the moon and back. (And the pages are real, not made of cardboard or material that can go in a bubble bath or has a squeaker toy in it. Isn’t reading without your children just a fabulous break in your day?)

Anyway, I spent time with two beautiful-on-the-inside-and-out women just chatting and crafting and creating. It was such a lovely way to spend my afternoon.


I left with a completed craft and it wasn’t perfect…but I love it.


The keys have always been one of my favorite things in the catalog. I just smile every time I see my shadowbox!



I survived my very first Pinterest Craft Party! And the first time I have been away from all my children, other than church and haircuts. (Because as much as I love my children, which is more than anyone can fathom, a little break was needed. And Dave is fully capable of meeting all their needs, minus breastfeeding Bess. All moms need a break. This is just a fact.)

I am thinking about having an online party. I will let you know if/when that happens. (Heck, maybe I will plan a party-in-real-life and we can all drink hot drinks without the fear of spilling them on tiny people and eat snacks without sharing!)

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