Therapy Thursday: Butterflies and Black Beans


Adelaide saw butterflies on tv and decided that Thursday was a good day for a brand new word. So fitting that she would say ‘butterfly’ this week.


I was secretly dreading Therapy Thursday. We are in the beginning stages of getting our first wheelchair. My mind is bogged down with all the details. But Adelaide had a very productive session.  She walked on her knees with assistance, rode a little toy to work on her vestibular strength, and stood with assistance at a table. She activated her little glutes all by herself. She even played with a toy. Complete with fine motor skills and following directions. And she used her left hand!

But my favorite part was when Bess went over to some toys and grabbed a huge butterfly. She brought it to Adelaide’s workspace. Nicole decided to use it as motivation for ramp time. I watched both my girls excited about that butterfly and couldn’t help but tearfully grin at my two little blessings.

therapy thursday 2

Early last week, Adelaide took her first unassisted ‘steps’ on her knees. She was in the middle of the living room and got up into a tall kneeling position. No toys for balance. Just Adelaide and the carpet. She moved her right knee and then crashed to the floor. The next day, she tried again. Right knee. Left knee. Crashed to the floor. I was emanating pride, which couldn’t match Adelaide’s enthusiasm.

But progress is double-edged. She also had two seizures last week. But I guess that is just the tradeoff for amazing milestones. Anytime Adelaide does something spectacular, we are visited by a few seizures.

The other tradeoff: sleeping while eating. So adorable.

adelaide therapy thursday a

Oh, and that butterfly plaque, it has so much meaning to me. Last year, Jennifer was holding Adelaide up at therapy, and she moved her foot forward for the very first time. It was her first attempt at a step. It was unexpected and beautiful. What a full circle moment. That plaque arrived on the very day that Adelaide took that step.

It’s good for a mommy’s heart.

therapy thursday 3

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