A Sonnet of Sorts {star ‘crostic lovers}

Do the statisticians see ev’rything,
As their line graphs and black and white numbers
Vaticinate our paths, separating
Into parallel lives join-ed by hers?
Divorce, they cry, is our morose end all.
Attaching a stigma to us parents,
Naming us ‘most likely to fail and fall.’
Dedication to helpmate is nonsense.
Lover and caregiver, a task for loons.
Young infatuation weighed down with chains,
No longer enjoying the honeymoon.
Does the cultural norm decide our fate?
Say I, “We still do until parted by death.”
Eighty-percent rate, you aren’t our kismet.


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One thought on “A Sonnet of Sorts {star ‘crostic lovers}

  1. […] ranks of the paid blogger. For now, I am just a WordPress site of complete randomness. I wrote an acrostic sonnet just because I wanted the challenge. And as an outlet after being turned down five times in one week. Rogue and […]


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