Permission To Just Be

Four playdates in two weeks. Thank you for stepping over my baby gates and 77 toys. You pushed laundry out of the way and never judged me for having ten loads of clean clothes but being in the same shirt you think you saw me in during the previous day’s “selfies with a silly baby” session. I never apologized for dirty dishes, clean diapers, or the hand towel that is missing an entire edge that came off when it met with an unfortunate accident in the washing machine. I know you came to see me, so I gave myself the same grace I show you. I want you to know that I don’t critique you like I critique my own earthly dwellings, both my home and this poorly dressed tent I am temporarily donning until Christ’s return. When I used to apologize for the diaper soaking in the toilet, the empty picture frame I still haven’t filled, and my cobwebs, it may have made you think that I see all your unfinished projects and undone chores. I don’t. I pinky swear. I hope you are comfortable here, as we talk about our favorite places to buy jeans that are high-waisted enough to hold all our extra skin. We talk shoes, Scripture, and how much our breasts have sagged from the beauty of 2 am feedings. You sipped hot tea from my fanciest mug, or brought me a Sonic, or I completely forgot to even offer you anything and you helped yourself in the kitchen. After crawling over the baby gate. Again. I offered organic fruit leather and sugar-laden-very-non-organic graham crackers. We discussed the oh so important topic of which yogurt our kids won’t eat. And the more trivial matters of economics, the afterlife, and cancer. Thank you for the playdates. I needed the time with you to just be. XOXO





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One thought on “Permission To Just Be

  1. Jenny says:

    Very nicely said! I so often judge myself as to the condition of my home (and I *think* I may have apologized multiple times for my home’s condition when you recently visited). I realize this shouldn’t be and that my true friends won’t care. Thank you for the great reminder to “just be” – just be hospitable, just be a friend, just be caring. Great post!


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