Happy Galentine’s Day!

One of my besties {ugh…trying out the word but not really feeling it}. I don’t have much time to edit. Kids are watching Backyardigans.

Do over.

One of my best friends {much better} and I were chatting about how none of my closest friends are friends with one another. Instead of a circle of friends, I have a weird octopus of friends. I am the extroverted body, they are all my introverted tentacles. Sexy analogy. I can really see this propelling songs to the Top 40 and printed on Hollister shirts. {And this is why I blog for zero money…my ideas are a bit rough around the edges.} My tentacle friends are all very similar in some ways, yet very different. But I think our octopus actually looks like other octopi in their 30s. Just a guess.

#1 The super sweet friend who always goes out of her way to bless others. You can share all your hardest, scariest prayer requests with her. She sends you Bible verses and countless “I’m praying for you” texts. You try not to weigh her down with trivial stuff, because she is super busy…doing the SuperMom thing while battling a disease. And supplying you with coupons. And picking up your son for last minute playdates. And you think the award for Most Loving Individual would probably go to her.

#2 Mouthy, short, and returns any text/email/call/carrier pigeon message in fewer than 15 seconds. She has left more goodies on your porch than you can even remember. She threw your baby shower and still spoils your kids rotten. You can (and do) talk to her about everything. She is crazy honest and has no problems with caps lock yelling you back into a place of truth when you fall into a funk. You also text her every single time you take a pregnancy test. She is always hoping for a 4th. She is fantastically generous…she probably just wants another tiny human to spoil.

#3 Battling cancer. It’s been horrible. Yet, she checks in on you. The person who has lost her hair, lost her breasts, lost her ovaries. She checks in on you. You share hilarious stories about your boys. She cusses like a sailor and you don’t think anything of it. She has a degree in psychology and has acted as your unofficial counselor and official cheerleader…you pay her in virtual hugs. You don’t deserve her. She is amazing. And you have never seen someone so thoughtful. Always thinking of others.

#4 She has very bad phone and internet reception, so she usually gets about three days of stuff from you before she can send a response. Has never once complained or asked why you sent 9 messages in one day. You can text, “I just whispered the f word at my computer because it crashed ten times” and “I messed up our account doing the bills on one hour of sleep. We have $12 this week.” and get hilarious responses. Albeit 30 hours later. She is tall and slightly intimidating. When you first met her, you told your husband that you would never be friends with her. That you were scared of her. She had all her ducks in a row. You thought. It didn’t take long for you to see that she was about as scatterbrained as you and you don’t even feel like you need to clean the toilet before she comes over to sip Sonic drinks. You have a pact that the one who doesn’t die first must go get the other one’s phone and delete all your crazy inner-chatter-that-you-texted-before-you-had-caffeine texts. She is beautiful. Inside and out.

#5 She drives a long distance to see you. You drive to see her. You have very similar mommy interests, but you were friends before you even had husbands. She sends you a picture and price of each and every cloth diaper she buys. You are frugal soulmates. You send her Aldi deals and wait for the exclamation points to arrive when she finds out about 19 cent avocados. She reassured you within minutes of hearing some horrible news that you would always be friends and your kids would always be friends. So faithful. You think she is 1 in 4 people who has actually read every single blog post. She has the hair of an Austen heroine and the vocabulary to match.

#6 The long-distance friend two states away. Time difference means nothing to you. Other than your mom, she is the person who speaks the most truth into your life. Often accompanied by a kick in the rear. The best listener ever. She teaches you to be brave, because she faces every challenge in her life with tenacity. If you were to label anyone ‘spunky’…it would be her by a long shot. She knows all your struggles and gives you honest feedback and leaves the sugar-coating to someone else. When she says she is going to pray for you, you know it’s completely sincere and wonderful. She has taught you more about self-worth, special needs parenting, and clothing than anyone else on this earth. You love her transparency and honesty.

#7 That friend who has been pregnant the same time as you all three times. She is newer on this special needs journey, but her situation would cause many women to curl up in a ball and cry for a week. But she doesn’t. She is grace encompassed. You see what she does for her daughter, the one doctors aren’t sure will make it to her first birthday, and you jaw drops. She calls you her mommy mentor, but you learn from her everyday. Any prayer request you’ve sent her way was met with empathy. And perseverance is her virtue.

#8 You have never actually met. Your kids share part of a semi-pseudo-diagnosis. When you have a bad day that very few people can understand, she understands. And she stays up with you all night when your child is seizing. And you cry when her son ends up in the hospital. It’s a strange bond moms develop over their little ones. She is your pragmatic friend. Problem-solver extraordinaire. And when someone can grieve with you over missed milestones and bills too heavy to carry, that is a special type of friendship. Understanding at its finest. Never judging you for growing weary. Other than her love of Tom Brady, she is a blessing. Chuckle.

A Friendship Cephalopod.

I am surrounded by fabulous women. Too many to even name. Family, friends, and readers. So blessed by my centipede support system. {Dayspring and I are secretly working on a girlfriends line. Cards, mugs, canvas art, and photo calendars. It’s like that tunnel scene from Willy Wonka.}

Just remember, you are all poetic and noble land mermaids. Enjoy the day!


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4 thoughts on “Happy Galentine’s Day!

  1. Quite a gift you just gave numbers 1 through 8! That was very kind of you. When someone is blessed with a group of amazing friends, you know that that person is an “amazing-er” friend. That is how he or she is capable of attracting so many rare and wonderful individuals.

    Oh, and I am completely with you on the use of “besties” and such. I still don’t think I have ever typed or texted the acronym “LOL” (except there, of course). I have just managed, however, to grow somewhat comfortable using the word “buddy”, in a non-pejorative sense. But it took deliberate effort.

    Thank you for your honesty, and we thoroughly enjoy your writing!


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  3. […] society often equates beauty with hair. Whether that’s right or wrong, I don’t know. One of my best friends lost all her hair to cancer, but she is still one of the most beautiful women I know. But Julie will also say she can’t […]


  4. […] Karlee’s mom, is one of my best friends. And one of the most gracious people I’ve ever been blessed to do life […]


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