Mom Confession: Nick Jr.

“Mama, are da Backyardigans yours fave-wit?”

Every mom has the Nick Jr. shows she hates, tolerates, and loves. We don’t have the channel, or any channels for that matter…we watch tv through an internet device. But we have several Nick Jr. shows on Amazon Prime.

There is no Dino Dan allowed in our home. None. I will just act like it doesn’t exist. And neither do Max & Ruby. Do not get me started on Olivia. Ugh.

I will sing “Outside! Outside! Line up everybody. Line up, line up…” with Mr. Grooper. Not my first choice, but those Guppies make Adelaide very happy. I tolerate those Fresh Beats, the WonderPets, Dora, and Ni Hao Kai-lan, because my sweetheart likes them. And UmiZoomi is on a lot at our house. Adelaide self-stims by counting, so Milli is her best friend.

But I actually love The Backyardigans. I will sing, dance, and quote it. I have seen almost every episode. I think it is better than most children’s programming, because it is actually creative. The storylines are well thought out. You learn about literature, music, dance, and history. They are zany.

Here is a list of my favorite episodes:

Robot Rampage
Into The Deep
To the Center of the Earth
Le Master of Disguise
The Big Dipper Diner
Blazing Paddles
For the Love of Socks!
Robin Hood the Clean
A Giant Problem
International Super Spy
Front Page News
The Masked Retriever

So, now you know. I am not ashamed. Give me a tub of popcorn, Pablo, Uniqua, Tasha, Austin, and Tyrone. I will be happy for hours.


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One thought on “Mom Confession: Nick Jr.

  1. Elise says:

    Me too!!!! I LOVE them.


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